A fall walk with a mommas boy

ahhhh fall time- nothing beats those fiery colors and crisp air.

except maybe a beach. In Hawai’i.

nothing beats a beach in Hawai’i

Le pumpkin patch

While my parents were in town a couple of weeks ago, we took Gordie to get his first pumpkin!!

We were all ecstatic for him to experience his first big holiday

but of course he was probably thinking “why are we out in the cold taking a butt load of photos? and why is the sun so dang bright?”

The pumpkin patch is a beautifully put on production brought to us by the local farmers.

free tractor rides/hay rides, petting zoo (although there was more looking then petting), a hay fort for kids to play on and a giant corn kernel pit! like a sand box but with corn kernels! Probably the best part in Scott and I’s opinions!

I am so (SO!) excited for Gordie to experience the holidays for the first time!

Now with Halloween in t-minus 2 days we are still need to carve our pumpkins

and we need to find makeshift costumes for Scott and I that we can make with little or no money.

perks of being poor college students with a baby. 🙂

So i will have to spend sometime online to come up with something

tummy time


Gordie typically loathes daily tummy time were talking, high pitched shrills once he’s place on his stomach but today something marvelous happened. actually- nothing was what happened. Just a happy, content baby playing on his tummy! i shrilled (instead of him) and whipped out my camera to document such a monuments moment!

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I cannot get over how much i love each individual roll this little guy has! seriously! I’m in loooove! these pictures, were however, taken in September. So he’s much rollier now- and those little curled toes? i die!

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It’s my duty as a Mom to wipe butts and noses, Kiss boo-boos and give lots of hugs & kisses. But as i have become a Mama, i have found myself doing things i have never ever thought i would do. like wearing a shirt with spit-up & pee on it all day. i don’t […]

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Halloween cards!


Gordie and I made Halloween cards for the Grandparents! aw man and i thoroughly enjoyed every second of it I need to do more crafts- i miss doing simple things like this. I thought it wouldnt be impossible to do something fun and creative while having a baby. But i’ve come to learn that it takes effort […]

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my little old timer


when did this…                                          and this….                                         and this…!                 […]

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good news/bad news and a fall recipe


The bad news: I still havnt found my card reader… i remeber putting it some where safe. Psh yeah well that somewhere “safe” in somewhere i can’t remember. Thus is life. The good news: i’m able to upload the photos onto Scotts computer and then upload them onto my portable hard drive and then upload […]

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some Gordie love


Have a fabulous weekend!! —

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ode to a dear bear.


Ode to blu bear Blu bear. You have literally stand the test of time. For you were once my brothers bear- which ages you to around 20 years of fluff. In the short month you have been Gordies, you have been nothing but supportive- not one complaint! pooped on, peed on, spat up’d on, laid on by hairy beast, drooled […]

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