About Us


We’re Kels & Scott {aka the hubs}!

Welcome to our blog!

A brief history about us…

We met in economics class while studying at  BYU-Idaho. We Became inseparable best friends who then fell in love and then decided to tied the knot in August 2010!

We love Jack Johnson, cooking, nature, surfing, ice cream, pic-nics, fresh foods, camping, art and the simple life.

We started this little blog to keep family and friends updated with our day to day adventures!

Since we’ve been married we’ve added 2 dogs, 6 little big lambs, a cow named brown cow and now are expecting a little boy in 2012!!


Baby boy!!! 

Baby boy is due June 19th 2012!

He loves strawberries, slurpees, The Beatles and mama & papas voices!

He’s a kicker this one!

Leo aka Pappy (must be said in spanish accent)

Pappy loves to sleep, eat, stalk chickens,beg for food and farts incredibly human-like. Run for the hills when you hear him rip one.

Artie aka the hubsters left hand man-dog (because im his right hand man-lady duh!)

Artie is an intelligent dumb dog. He loves the hubs and will do anything to impress him. He likes to breath heavily on you and enjoys burping in your face. He’s also very vocal and loves to retrieve logs. yes logs. As in trees.

So why Hobo Heart you ask?

I would love to tell you some stellar story about how we’re dancing gypsies traveling about the states trying to find our place in society. We would live in a cool caravan with a plethora of colorful fabrics and pillow. We would surf and explore nature all day and listen to folk music all night. But, unfortunately, thats no where near the truth (Although I could dream right…)

I guess it’s because we’ve had some pretty unique adventures due to the fact that we’re in no way “rooted yet” . But really the name just came to me one night while packing up our belongings. The name was short and catchy so we decided to keep it!

Welcome to the Hobo Heart! Pitch a tent and stay a while!