Monster smoothie

Little baby has been good to it’s mama.

I’ve literally had no morning sickness and very little nausea! {Your dad is eternally grateful}

In fact the only time I threw up during my 1st trimester was when i forgot to eat breakfast after taking my vitamins.Bleh. Way to go me.

I also havnt developed any specific hard core cravings yet {yet..}

But there is one thing that i think i may be developing an addiction to and may crave/look foreword to every morning.

 {Green} Monster Smoothie’s.

Now most of the time my smoothies are green and other times they are a brownish color, red or pink {this happens when im low on certain ingredients or get a little crazy with the fruit to spinach ratio}

But no matter the color they always taste delicious!

Here’s a recipe i have fallen in love with..

adapted from the Diva-Dish


1 Cup fresh squeezed OJ

3/4 cup Vanilla almond/soy milk/ 1% milk w/ 1 tsp vanilla

2 cups fresh spinach

1/2 (heaping)cup frozen peaches (i usually use whatever frozen fruit i have on hand, but peaches are the best!)

1 medium banana

ice (if needed)


Blend in blender until smooth and creamy.

I promise you wont taste the spinach and i promise you’ll fall in love with its delicious green-brown-uglyness.

{photos found here}


  1. I’m with Gentri! My mom has been making green smoothies for years and we just discovered how fantastic different flavors are in it. If you’re feeling super brave, try a dash of cayan pepper or a bit of peppermint extract with it!

  2. Love a good green smoothie! Do you know what else is yummy? Adding a dash of cinnamon and/ or vanilla!

  3. I’m glad they taste good-hopefully better than they look.

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