It’s my duty as a Mom to wipe butts and noses, Kiss boo-boos and give lots of hugs & kisses.

But as i have become a Mama, i have found myself doing things i have never ever thought i would do.

like wearing a shirt with spit-up & pee on it all day.

i don’t mind. most of the time.

but this is a little more gross.

i pick my baby’s nose.

like, everyday.

exhibit A: subject had just woken up from nap with a whopper of of booger creepin out of his nostril.

yes, i may have helped it out a little bit, but you get the idea.

it’s like a pus-filled pimple just wanting to be poped

it’s like a scab just wanting to be picked

his boogers literally scream PICK ME PICK ME!

I swear i pick enormous boogers like this out of his nose daily

half the time he hates me doing it- but afterwards he’s always got this look on his face (shown above) that says “huh. so thats why i couldn’t breath.”


  1. I love reading your posts! And wow your son has stunning eyes!

  2. The photo shows the elegance and true innocence of a child’s soul. His booger shows how much we want to hold on to the past but it will always leak out and our kind and loving mom will pick it. hahaha

  3. Mom/Grandma says:

    Oh Moms!!! what we do for those little guys. and then when they grow up they forget all that we do.

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