reach for the stars my little one

Gordie’s first goal of life.

Stick whole fist in mouth.

Hello hello!

i’ve been gone so long i *almost* forgot how to navigate my way through wordpress. almost.

Yes i’ve neglected my little blog but you know what?

it was much needed. Getting the hang of my crazy postpartum roller coaster of emotions has been tough- especially while moving with a newborn. but thankfully Gordie and Scott have been amazing

So now that we’re finally getting back in the swing of things i’ll be back to blogging!

for when it’s bath time

I’m pretty much loving little G’s nightly routine

We usually begin this routine between 8-9pm and he’s usually asleep or in bed by 10 depending on the kind of day he (i) had.

but it goes a little like this

bath time

change & swaddle

dim lights in his room and feed him, burp him, give him some gripe water to help with gas

rock & sing him Better together, He Po Lani Makamae & Goodnight sweetheart

and usually by the time i get to Goodnight Sweetheart he has that sleepy stare on his face

so i put him down and he either falls asleep right away or cries for a bit- but self soothing is getting to be something he’s used to and is ok with.

which is bueno for us

But i think the key ingredient is bath time.

it (usually) helps calm him down and prepares him for bed- because after that he’s usually, totally content and calm- and smells oh soooo good…

& on something totally semi off track, is it weird that i like to smell my baby?


ok- i think any mom can agree, that nothing quiet matches the sweet smell of a clean baby

it’s kind of like puppy breath! it’s an addictive-heart melting-relaxant.

:in case you were wondering- puppy breath smells that of rich buttery coffee. No joke! find a puppy and smell its breath!:


Here are the things we’re loving when it comes to bath time

p.s we are a little obsessed with Mustela baby hygiene product- they have somehow bottled that yummy baby scent that we can’t stop smelling

1. 2. 3. Mustela- no rinse cleaning fluid, multi-sensory bubble bath and lotion

4. hooded towels

5. ikea baby bath– cheap and does the trick

6. Wombie– a swaddle he cant un-swaddle

For the month you cant quiet fit into your regular clothes

For the first month of having a baby i felt blah

filthy-greasy haired-covered in milk and pee-dark under eye circle- blahness

rarely did i get dressed and rarely did i put on make-up or do my hair.

but to be honest, in between the naps and feedings, i really didn’t have time to get prettyed up.

(and the two men in my life love me no matter what i look like! or smell like…)

lets get real here, i need a shirt i can whip a tot out at lightning speed, yoga pants to hold my new completely different squishy body together and dry shampoo for when i havnt taken a shower in 3 days.

baby boy is mighty inpatient when it comes to his feedings- so a loose comfy shirt is a must and dry shampoo & mascara is to insure my husband wont go lookin for another cleaner ‘doesnt smell like sweat and sour milk’ woman

and you can never go wrong with a beautiful gold watch right? someone wanna donate 300 bucks so that i can purchase said beautiful gold watch?


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

one month old

on saturday, our little man turned 1 month

and i may have gotten a little teary eyed when i realized he could no longer fit into his newborn onsies…

this month has been one interesting ride-

never have i been so unorganized, unproductive and so grossly unattractive

but have felt so unbelievably happy and complete!

its insane what having a baby does to you- physically, emotionally and mentally, might i add.

in ways im relieved this first month is past us

the whole baby blues & new to breast feeding thang was pretty tough for me to muster through. but with much prayer and support from the hubs & family, we got through it and we’re starting to get the hang of things.

although, sleep is still pretty much non existent but were working on that too.

but honestly,

the way he loves to be held close, the way he stretches, the way he coos in his sleep and the faces he makes, melt my heart and makes sleep deprivation seem so miniscule in the grad scheme of things.


this week in post, i’ve compiled things that have helped me get through the first month

because, seriously,new moms need all the help they can get!

So hopefully, someone out there finds the things i found to be lifesavers helpful

Gordie’s baby blessing

Sunday July first, Gordie was given a beautiful blessing by his Daddy

it was a beautifully emotional experience for our new little family

and we were so glad to share that day with our families who came to be with us.

hey there! it’s been a while!

Hi, i’m Kelsey and i’m a new mom

(hiiiii Kelseyyyy)

i am currently sporting an embarrassingly dirty maternity blouse stained with tot milk, spit up and some baby pee- dont ask. My organized brain is literally drowning in my new unstructured life (It’s a miracle if i cross one thing off my to-do list) and some days the most i get done is changing out of my jammers and into my yoga pants- because lets be honest here, i feel 1000x better when my husband comes home and sees me in my yoga pants rather than my pj’s…at least it gives the impression of me actually getting stuff done while he’s at work. and my pillow (And hubby) are in some desperate need of some lovin.

But guess what?

I wouldn’t change a thing!

I love this new life as a mom- yes it’s crazy and may not be glamourous at times.

But im defiantly loving it’s chaotic-ness.

I love my boys!

Baby Max: A birth story part 3

It was about 12:30pm when i really felt the urge to push

and it felt good-in a weird semi-painful way. but i was excited

our baby was coming!

I buzzed in the nurses and let them know that the urge to push was getting almost unbearable

but they assured me i could wait just a few minutes more before i began

waiting just a few minutes more would help prevent any tearing (ouch!!) and prevent baby boy from having a cone shaped head. So waiting i did & it was seriously so hard to fight my body’s urges.

Around 12:45 my doctor came in and asked if i was ready-

to me, i was but i wasnt. I was still in the phase of ‘is this really happening? i’m seriously giving birth right now?’

My nurses, doctor, mom and husband gathered around- we were all ready to meet this little boy

My mom helped hold my left leg and my husband was on the right.

the nurse, who again were absolutely amazing, helped coach me in breathing and in pushing.

The biggest misconception (for me) is that with the epidural, you don’t feel a thing.

Lies. You still feel it- just not to the extent as if you were going with out drugs. but in a way i liked it because i was able to feel what was going on, what my body was doing.

Pushing hurt & was exhausting- It burned and felt like nothing i’ve ever felt before (obviously)

But what i loved is that i could feel him inching his way out! The way i was seated during pushing was at an angle where i could actually see my progress- seeing him come out. Which by all means was encouraging

In 2 pushes baby boys head was crowning! In between pushes i asked if i could touch his head- it was miraculous and empowering! which gave me all the more energy to keep pushing!

20 minutes of pushing and baby boy was out and in my arms.

{tmi but seeing a baby come out of you is pretty wild}

My mom cried, my husband cried & i was in shock. i dont think im a crier when it comes to things like this..

I was literally in shock.

1. i couldn’t believe i had just given birth

& 2. i couldn’t believe he was ours- for eternity!

 They placed him right on my chest- skin to skin- allowing us to bond

He was beautiful and looked just like the baby i’ve been dreaming about for the past 9 months.

He didnt cry, he whimpered and tried so hard to keep his little eyes open.

as soon as i was ready i allowed them to measure and weigh him, which they did right next to me.

Seeing Scott hold our baby boy for the first time is something i’ll never forget. I love my husband so so much- words cannot express the amount of love i have for him. After seeing him hold our baby, seeing him love our son, has deepened that love for him infinitely.

i love my boys!

Baby Max: A birth story part 2

Once i was dressed in my hospital gown i crawled into bed. 6am and i was wide awake

I remember thinking- this is really happening. We’re here! having a baby! our baby!

The contractions were begining to rage between 2-3 minutes apart and were getting intense. Like i wanted to ‘bite leather and scream’ it hurt so bad.

but i kept ‘surprisingly calm’ as my husband says- i just focused on my breathing and had Scott hold my hand during each one.

My nurses (blond & brunette who were awesome btw) came in and hooked me up to all sorts of monitors- which i didnt mind having. I loved seeing little mans heart rate as well as knowing when the worst of a contraction was over. Blond nurse checked to see how far dilated  i was. I was almost a 6 with membranes still intact (my water hadnt broke)  After hearing that tid-bit of news i asked when the best time to have an epidural would be.

and she said now would be perfect, unless i liked the pain.

haha no.

I laughed sickly and then said no. i think im ready for it and didnt think i could take another contraction

So a nurse immediately came in to start my IV so that we could get things rolling-Boy, do i hate needles but seriously, all my fears about getting the epidural began to rapidly melt with every stinkin contraction i sat through.

After my IV was all said and done I asked brunette nurse if the anesthesiologist was available anytime soon to come give me the drug of happiness. My nurses just laughed and laughed and said he was on his way up.

Thank goodness! In the mean time i was giving a pain reliever to help take the edge off- it was beautiful, beautiful feeling.

Blond & brunette nurse explained things so clearly to me. They addressed every concern, question and even had time to chit-chat and laugh with us! We were totally comfortable with them!

It was around 8:15am when everything “protocol” was taken care of- questions, monitor hook up and such. It was all moving so fast! Before i received the epidural my doctor came in to check me once more- i was a 6 almost 7! Hooray! But my water still hadn’t broke so he wanted to give my body a little more time to allow to break naturally but if nothing happens with in the hour he’ll come in a break it for me.

The anesthesiologist came in {sweet relief!} as soon as my doctor was done and began the process. He was again, very calm and kind of goofy. He was cracking all sorts of joke. My nurses then instructed me to sit up and curl up like a little shrimp {which i found hilarious btw} and to remain very still.

The thought of getting an epidural scared me. I hate needles- especially big ones entering the spine.

and on top of that, i’m a whimp when it comes to needle pain. a huge big fat baby.

I held Scotts hand so tight and tried to make light conversation, while remember to curl up like a shrimp, a very still shrimp who hates needles non-the-less. Blond & brunette nurse could tell i was nervous, so they joined in my nervous rambling and asked me random questions about how we met and where we were from.

finally after feeling like i’ve been talking for a billion years (really on like 5 minutes..) i asked if it was over yet.

and to my surprise it was! The anesthesiologist joking said he was done once i started talking

Well all-bee-darn! He must be the best dang epidural putter inner i’ve ever heard of! i didnt feel a single thing!


it was a Flag Day miracle!! ok.. thats dramatic. but still- pretty awesome

as soon as the epidural began to work its magic and the cathider was all set, blond & brunette nurse left the room to allow us to get a little rest before delivery.

I was exhausted. No sleep+labor+my body preparing for delivery= a very shaky, but not cold, me.

So i was excited to catch some shut eye before the big event. unfortunately, we got to sleep for a whole 10 minutes. My doctor came in and checked me to see if he should brake my water or not. He decided he would because my body was progressing fast.

Progressing? i’ve been in the hospital for 4 hours! I thought labor was supposed to last 8+ hours! not 4!

Beggers cant be choosers right? 😉 haha! im very thankful

My doctor said i was a fast laborer and that my body has been preparing itself for the birth for weeks maybe a month or two.

This is when Scott looked at me all bright eyed and said “we should crank out as much babies as we can!”

ha. thats a no.

my parents were still on the road coming up from southern California. It was about 10:30ish in the morning when they broke my water and said delivery can happen anytime now. My parents were still 2.5 hours away… i wanted my mom there- i wanted my family to be here!

After about 30 minutes of my water breaking i felt a certain pressure.

I asked blond nurse what having to push feels like. and she literally said “like you gotta poop!”

im pooping a baby- fabulous!

Well, i was defiantly feeling like i had to poop with every contraction. But as i explained to her, i could hold it in.

she said thats great and to let me know when i’m ‘prairie dogging’ {seriously! i loved my nurses}

Blond nurse said if you feel like you can no longer hold the poop in, contraction or not, give us a holler.

With about an hour of holding in “le poop” my parents arrived {sweet mercy!} My brother and dad had just enough time to crack some poop jokes and eat some carmel corn before i could no longer hold it in and felt the sudden urge to buckle down and push.

This was it! We were about to meet baby boy!

Meet the newest member of our little family!