How about them pups? Artie.

Well, we still have our lunatic dogs, incase anyone was wondering.

And those said lunatic dogs are still our best man-pets

pretty much Scott & I can’t imagine our life without them (which some may find pathetic lol)

But really. How is having 2 gigantic dogs, a small apartment annnnnd a baby?

well, to tell the truth, for the most part, it’s wonderful.

the apartment is small but works for us- and i can totally clean it in like a 1 1/2 (we’re talking vacuuming, dusting and laundry!)

The baby is (a-duh) fabulous and cuter than i ever imagined

and the dogs… are the dogs!


Yes we have our bad days- but the “bad days” usually only last about an hour- make sense? Like when they know the mail man has arrived, which is usually around Gordies nap time, and Artie decides to sound the alarm so to speak. That = a bad hour. because for that next 30-50 minutes Artie shamefully sits by the door (because he knows he’ll get in trouble if he barks) and does his shallow deep woofs. It’s seriously like this.


Me: ARTIE! GO TO JAIL! kick kick

Artie, with his body as close to ground as possible makes his way to the corner

after a few minutes he’ll army crawl to the door and go (in his deep voice) woof.



Me: Arrrrtieee quuuuiet.



and this continues until he gets distracted by something else.


But other than that Artie simply stays out of my way. He follows me around the house, doesnt get tangled in my legs and rushes to Gordies room when he hears him cry or makes noises (which is cute bee-tee-dubs)

But Artie spends about 90% of his day staring at the ground awaiting for a reflection to pounce on and chase.

So seriously, if its been one of those days where i just neeeed Artie to get out of my way, i open all the blinds and put on his collar and Leo’s collar (for extra reflections) and waaalaaaa. Artie is occupied until the sun goes down. literally.

How about that lazy beast-dog Leo?

Leo leo leo.

well- Leo is still obsessed with everything that he thinks is food. if it has a wrapper like sound? he’ll run to you. If an object goes anywhere near your mouth? he’ll roll over for you. And lemme tell ya. This dog has perfected his begging skills

those big gushy puppy eyes? I die! his Chewbacca howl? I die again!

If he were to have a resume it would be something like this:

Leonidas dog person Arnett


try to act as human as possible annnnd eat and sleep myself to a coma.

Skills and abilities:

Begging for any form of substance. Sleeping. Being cute. Sitting on human chairs like a human. sprinting towards people i know i’m not supposed to meet. Scaring said people. Waking my persons up by whining, howling and placing my heavy head on there head or feet. Siting and howling in front of my persons so that they know i’m either hungry or i need to poop. Sleeping. Laying in the most inconvenient places like in front of the fridge, sink, doors, halls or in the middle of my persons small rooms (i like to keep them on there toes) . Eating. Having soft fur. Tripping my feeble persons. Not moving from the previously stated positions. Sleeping. Loving my she-person. Rolling in and eating questionable things. Playing with my dog friend Lilly- oh. and we like to share rotten questionable things. And that new hairless baby beast my people have? well, i love to lay on his blankets next to him & i don’t mind if he kicks me.



Basically, he’s amazing. and i love everything about this dog.

to el parque

It was a gorgeous day! I could not not be outside- especially with fall & winter approaching rapidly. So the crew & i packed up and strolled on down to a nearby park

Of course the dogs we’re on there best behavior and didnt eat nor roll in anything questionable (right..)

and of course Gordie stayed awake for the short 15 minute walk (15 minutes in babyland is like 5 hours)

needless to say Gordie got a short little nap in and the pups.. well…. they (meaning Leo) found a new scent that im not to fond of. That dog loves his rotting mulch.

but we had fun!

and it must of been Arties birthday or something because there were seriously flocks of birds flying from tree to tree constantly

which mean endless amounts of bird shadows to chase

which then translates into one tired dog.

However all that dog needs is a 10 minute nap and he’s all wagging his tail recharged and chasing more shadows and reflections. Not cool.

Leo was perfectly content laying next to me and Gordie in the shade while we watched little kids ride by on their bikes whilst Artie ran a couple miles.

Once Gordie decided to wake up he was completely fascinated with the kids on their bikes! He wouldnt break his stare for anything (trust me.. i tried)! He just stared at them, concentrating on their movement. No blinks. Nothin. (i must say- his mama was quiet the stareer in her days)

I love park days- they just make the day seem more… relaxed.

oye. the life of a poor dog owner.

So this post is going to totally force me to step out of my comfort zone.

Which i hardly ever like doing.

But here it goes.

So we have this dog- Artie. Most of you are familiar/met/love him.

But this dog has been semi-accident prone lately.

He’s a high performance dog. Who is constantly chasing, fetching, running and swimming.

Well, about a week and a half ago Artie cut his front left paw on something.

well this semi-small cut grew, deepened and expanded to the width of his whole paw in a matter of days.

As you can imagine it was pretty nasty & smelly.

We tried everything we could think of. Super glue, bandages, gauze, medical tape,you name it! Because yes. Were those kinds of people. The cheap ‘i-dont-want-to-pay-more-than-100-bucks-at-the-vet’

Spare your hate comments- because I could care less.


We took him to the vet grudgingly because after a week of playing vet & self medicating, we could see it was just getting worse and worse and reeked of infection.

To sum it up, the vet said it was beyond self healing and would remain an open festering gash- which would inevitably lead to all sorts of infections and then death. So they needed to go in, scrape out the infection & dead skin, let it bleed and stitch it up nice and tight to prevent further tearing.


Now, im just going to come out and say it. Before this little event and his other brush with death the Husband and I were against spending anything over 100-200 bucks to save our dogs life. If it was meant to be it was meant to be. We’re poor college students living on one minimum waged income (glamorous. i know). We simply could not afford to treat our animals in such ways.

I know, sad, but our personal needs must come first.

but in all honesty- when we were faced with the possible death of husbands man-dog-friend we needed and wanted to try to prolong his life. So we did. and we’re biting the bullet and will be spending the money required to fix our little buddy up.

Artie lookin like an old lady in the front seat after surgery

So here we are. A baby coming in 12 days and trying to save every penny my husband makes during his summer internship so that we can live once we get back up to school- and we get stuck with a hefty medical bill. A vet bill non-the-less. Stressful & frustrating right?

& between baby bills, ultrasound bills (which are ridiculous btw), school bills and soon hospital bills- We’ve literally saved nothing near to what we anticipated and planned on

So here it goes. (stepping far out of comfort zone)

We have a little paypal donation going to help pay for Artie’s paw bills.

This isnt a scam.. I promise. It’s legit. and you can find the button at the top right hand side of our blog or at the bottom of this post.

& you dont need a paypal account to donate! Which is awesome in my opinion!

The total bill set us back $525.00 (medication, exam, sedation, stitches, antibiotic shot etc..)

Yeah i know. Yikes.

So if you can and would like to help us out we would be eternally grateful!

theres no minimum or maximum amount you have to donate- so feel free to donate however much you feel comfortable with.

every dollar (& prayer) will help us out 🙂