Le pumpkin patch

While my parents were in town a couple of weeks ago, we took Gordie to get his first pumpkin!!

We were all ecstatic for him to experience his first big holiday

but of course he was probably thinking “why are we out in the cold taking a butt load of photos? and why is the sun so dang bright?”

The pumpkin patch is a beautifully put on production brought to us by the local farmers.

free tractor rides/hay rides, petting zoo (although there was more looking then petting), a hay fort for kids to play on and a giant corn kernel pit! like a sand box but with corn kernels! Probably the best part in Scott and I’s opinions!

I am so (SO!) excited for Gordie to experience the holidays for the first time!

Now with Halloween in t-minus 2 days we are still need to carve our pumpkins

and we need to find makeshift costumes for Scott and I that we can make with little or no money.

perks of being poor college students with a baby. 🙂

So i will have to spend sometime online to come up with something

Halloween cards!

Gordie and I made Halloween cards for the Grandparents!

aw man and i thoroughly enjoyed every second of it

I need to do more crafts- i miss doing simple things like this. I thought it wouldnt be impossible to do something fun and creative while having a baby. But i’ve come to learn that it takes effort to do so- even more effort than pre-baby. But seriously, putting forth the effort in creating and getting my mind working again is worth it’s weight in gold.

I’ve missed my creative brain.

It gave me a chance to create a memory, make someone smile and re-kindled my love of calligraphy. Which i totally have forgotten how much i loved and missed!

and i totally got the skeleton idea from here

my little old timer

when did this… 

Wanting to sleep on his stomach! say whaaaa?





















and this….






















and this…!

Swaddle refusal


















and when did my little newborn grow up?

and why is he suddenly hiking up his pants like a little old man?

Sheesh! Next he’ll want the keys to the car!

and p.s! Small Fry blog is having an AMZING book worm giveaway!! You should go check it out!!


Welp- today was one of those dreaded doctor appointments where they inject your son with a sharp metal object not once but three times.


I couldn’t bear to ‘restrain’ him myself so i brought Scott with me to do the fearless fatherly duties.

because, lets be honest. i’m a wimp when it comes to needles

and so you asking me to restrain my son while you stick him with something i know will make him cry out in sheer pain is not going to happen.

but it’s all for his benifit.

he needs them-

According to the hubs, he cried for all like 3 seconds and then stopped once he was back in daddies arms

what a champ! He defiantly takes after his papa when it comes to that.

bubble toes

Gordie has discovered how to grasp and hold on to his toes

and really thats all he’s doing these days!

it’s quiet impressive how long he can hold them- we’re talkin 30 minutes people!

he’s actually doing a yoga pose called happy baby- the name fits right?

my yoga teacher has us do this pose (on our backs of course)  at the end of our class to release the tension in the spine and to also instill serenity and rejuvenation within our bodies. It feels mighty good- you should give it a try!

The hubs & the baben’s

You think you love your husband more than anything else in the world

and then you see him playing, holding & protecting your little baby, your family

There are no words, no feelings, that i can think of that describes the amount of love i have for these two.

my little family

my boys.

be still my heart

How about them pups? Artie.

Well, we still have our lunatic dogs, incase anyone was wondering.

And those said lunatic dogs are still our best man-pets

pretty much Scott & I can’t imagine our life without them (which some may find pathetic lol)

But really. How is having 2 gigantic dogs, a small apartment annnnnd a baby?

well, to tell the truth, for the most part, it’s wonderful.

the apartment is small but works for us- and i can totally clean it in like a 1 1/2 (we’re talking vacuuming, dusting and laundry!)

The baby is (a-duh) fabulous and cuter than i ever imagined

and the dogs… are the dogs!


Yes we have our bad days- but the “bad days” usually only last about an hour- make sense? Like when they know the mail man has arrived, which is usually around Gordies nap time, and Artie decides to sound the alarm so to speak. That = a bad hour. because for that next 30-50 minutes Artie shamefully sits by the door (because he knows he’ll get in trouble if he barks) and does his shallow deep woofs. It’s seriously like this.


Me: ARTIE! GO TO JAIL! kick kick

Artie, with his body as close to ground as possible makes his way to the corner

after a few minutes he’ll army crawl to the door and go (in his deep voice) woof.



Me: Arrrrtieee quuuuiet.



and this continues until he gets distracted by something else.


But other than that Artie simply stays out of my way. He follows me around the house, doesnt get tangled in my legs and rushes to Gordies room when he hears him cry or makes noises (which is cute bee-tee-dubs)

But Artie spends about 90% of his day staring at the ground awaiting for a reflection to pounce on and chase.

So seriously, if its been one of those days where i just neeeed Artie to get out of my way, i open all the blinds and put on his collar and Leo’s collar (for extra reflections) and waaalaaaa. Artie is occupied until the sun goes down. literally.

How about that lazy beast-dog Leo?

Leo leo leo.

well- Leo is still obsessed with everything that he thinks is food. if it has a wrapper like sound? he’ll run to you. If an object goes anywhere near your mouth? he’ll roll over for you. And lemme tell ya. This dog has perfected his begging skills

those big gushy puppy eyes? I die! his Chewbacca howl? I die again!

If he were to have a resume it would be something like this:

Leonidas dog person Arnett


try to act as human as possible annnnd eat and sleep myself to a coma.

Skills and abilities:

Begging for any form of substance. Sleeping. Being cute. Sitting on human chairs like a human. sprinting towards people i know i’m not supposed to meet. Scaring said people. Waking my persons up by whining, howling and placing my heavy head on there head or feet. Siting and howling in front of my persons so that they know i’m either hungry or i need to poop. Sleeping. Laying in the most inconvenient places like in front of the fridge, sink, doors, halls or in the middle of my persons small rooms (i like to keep them on there toes) . Eating. Having soft fur. Tripping my feeble persons. Not moving from the previously stated positions. Sleeping. Loving my she-person. Rolling in and eating questionable things. Playing with my dog friend Lilly- oh. and we like to share rotten questionable things. And that new hairless baby beast my people have? well, i love to lay on his blankets next to him & i don’t mind if he kicks me.



Basically, he’s amazing. and i love everything about this dog.

21 days: day one

As of lately i feel as if im in a rut. A rut i have been in many times before but this time it’s different, i have a almost 4 month old along with the rut. So really i guess this rut is different- but there a lot of the same anxieties/worries/fears and i think a lot of it has to do with the lack of me paying attention to me and taking care of my basic needs. Does that sound selfish?

i hope not. But today, when the hubs got home, i decided to take a shower. Whilst i was showering i was in shock that the last time i took a shower was Saturday! SATURDAY PEOPLE! annnd on top of that, i’ve been wearing the same pair of yoga pants and crappy tee for three days annnnd i’ve been working out in them as well as sleeping in them. (not to mention the lovely  accumulating spit up and slobber)

Gross? more like rancid-disgusto

It’s not that i didnt want to shower it’s that i didnt have time and/or i was just going to work out and get sweaty, so what was the point, right?

mmmm yeah no.

but with the no showering comes the no make-up, the no getting dressed, spending waaaay to much time on my computer instead of being productive and forgetting to eat, brush my teeth, shave and actually do something with my nappy hair!

Yes- having a baby is hard and takes a toll on me but at the same time i need to develop a way for me to feel better about myself even if it’s as simple as putting on makeup and some jeans. Its amazing what the little things can do for your self esteem. Like for instance on days when im feelin great im usually dressed and prettied up and on days (most days unfortunately) when im feeling blah and down on myself you can usually find me marinating in my own juices and looking like i got beat with the ugly stanky stick.

It’s crazy how incredibly selfless you are as a mom but often time feel sooo selfish when you do something for you.

Like for example i go to pilates on Mondays and Wednesdays and Yoga on Tuesday and Thursdays- for only one hour.


and by the end of the classes im about ready to bolt home just so i can spend time with my baby and not neglect him- which if you dont have kids, or maybe you do and this just didnt happen to you, but i feel so guilty leaving him and going out to have Me time.


Well, along with changing our eating habits i have decided to create a ‘Better Me In 21 Days’. This is something i feel i need to do or i’ll loose myself and not be whom i’ve been working on so hard to be. Each day, for the next 21 days, i will pick one or two simple things to do each day to help reestablish my foundation (aka who i am/was) and allow me to have me time. But each day builds up on one another. like for example, todays goals will also continue tomorrow and the next day and hopefully become a habit. So by the end of the 21 days i would have (hopefully) developed and reestablished 21 habits i feel will inprove my quality of life.


Today is day one:

The goals for today are..

do one Bodyrock workout and read 2 chapters in the Book of Mormon for personal scripture study.


-Working out has been something i’ve always loved- however im not able to attend a gym during the day so Bodyrock is perfect! 12 minute at home HITT workout- which can be easily done during Gordies nap time. However, it’s a hard 12 minutes, but i know i will feel so good once i finish- it’s just the getting started part that i have problems with.

-Personal Scripture study has been lacking as of late- the hubs and i have been amazing and have been on track to reading all the standard works by the end of the year (and we have had some crazy awesome discussions!) but my personal scripture study has been zilch. So i need a personal Come To Jesus time where i can sit, pray, read and reflect.

So there you have it- hopefully i can stick with this


i need to stick with this. So along with my regular post i will be chiming in on my daily goals, feeling and such




Soooomeones wrist have officially been swallowed up by surrounding chub.

mama loooove!