21 days: day one

As of lately i feel as if im in a rut. A rut i have been in many times before but this time it’s different, i have a almost 4 month old along with the rut. So really i guess this rut is different- but there a lot of the same anxieties/worries/fears and i think a lot of it has to do with the lack of me paying attention to me and taking care of my basic needs. Does that sound selfish?

i hope not. But today, when the hubs got home, i decided to take a shower. Whilst i was showering i was in shock that the last time i took a shower was Saturday! SATURDAY PEOPLE! annnd on top of that, i’ve been wearing the same pair of yoga pants and crappy tee for three days annnnd i’ve been working out in them as well as sleeping in them. (not to mention the lovely  accumulating spit up and slobber)

Gross? more like rancid-disgusto

It’s not that i didnt want to shower it’s that i didnt have time and/or i was just going to work out and get sweaty, so what was the point, right?

mmmm yeah no.

but with the no showering comes the no make-up, the no getting dressed, spending waaaay to much time on my computer instead of being productive and forgetting to eat, brush my teeth, shave and actually do something with my nappy hair!

Yes- having a baby is hard and takes a toll on me but at the same time i need to develop a way for me to feel better about myself even if it’s as simple as putting on makeup and some jeans. Its amazing what the little things can do for your self esteem. Like for instance on days when im feelin great im usually dressed and prettied up and on days (most days unfortunately) when im feeling blah and down on myself you can usually find me marinating in my own juices and looking like i got beat with the ugly stanky stick.

It’s crazy how incredibly selfless you are as a mom but often time feel sooo selfish when you do something for you.

Like for example i go to pilates on Mondays and Wednesdays and Yoga on Tuesday and Thursdays- for only one hour.


and by the end of the classes im about ready to bolt home just so i can spend time with my baby and not neglect him- which if you dont have kids, or maybe you do and this just didnt happen to you, but i feel so guilty leaving him and going out to have Me time.


Well, along with changing our eating habits i have decided to create a ‘Better Me In 21 Days’. This is something i feel i need to do or i’ll loose myself and not be whom i’ve been working on so hard to be. Each day, for the next 21 days, i will pick one or two simple things to do each day to help reestablish my foundation (aka who i am/was) and allow me to have me time. But each day builds up on one another. like for example, todays goals will also continue tomorrow and the next day and hopefully become a habit. So by the end of the 21 days i would have (hopefully) developed and reestablished 21 habits i feel will inprove my quality of life.


Today is day one:

The goals for today are..

do one Bodyrock workout and read 2 chapters in the Book of Mormon for personal scripture study.


-Working out has been something i’ve always loved- however im not able to attend a gym during the day so Bodyrock is perfect! 12 minute at home HITT workout- which can be easily done during Gordies nap time. However, it’s a hard 12 minutes, but i know i will feel so good once i finish- it’s just the getting started part that i have problems with.

-Personal Scripture study has been lacking as of late- the hubs and i have been amazing and have been on track to reading all the standard works by the end of the year (and we have had some crazy awesome discussions!) but my personal scripture study has been zilch. So i need a personal Come To Jesus time where i can sit, pray, read and reflect.

So there you have it- hopefully i can stick with this


i need to stick with this. So along with my regular post i will be chiming in on my daily goals, feeling and such



to el parque

It was a gorgeous day! I could not not be outside- especially with fall & winter approaching rapidly. So the crew & i packed up and strolled on down to a nearby park

Of course the dogs we’re on there best behavior and didnt eat nor roll in anything questionable (right..)

and of course Gordie stayed awake for the short 15 minute walk (15 minutes in babyland is like 5 hours)

needless to say Gordie got a short little nap in and the pups.. well…. they (meaning Leo) found a new scent that im not to fond of. That dog loves his rotting mulch.

but we had fun!

and it must of been Arties birthday or something because there were seriously flocks of birds flying from tree to tree constantly

which mean endless amounts of bird shadows to chase

which then translates into one tired dog.

However all that dog needs is a 10 minute nap and he’s all wagging his tail recharged and chasing more shadows and reflections. Not cool.

Leo was perfectly content laying next to me and Gordie in the shade while we watched little kids ride by on their bikes whilst Artie ran a couple miles.

Once Gordie decided to wake up he was completely fascinated with the kids on their bikes! He wouldnt break his stare for anything (trust me.. i tried)! He just stared at them, concentrating on their movement. No blinks. Nothin. (i must say- his mama was quiet the stareer in her days)

I love park days- they just make the day seem more… relaxed.

for when it’s bath time

I’m pretty much loving little G’s nightly routine

We usually begin this routine between 8-9pm and he’s usually asleep or in bed by 10 depending on the kind of day he (i) had.

but it goes a little like this

bath time

change & swaddle

dim lights in his room and feed him, burp him, give him some gripe water to help with gas

rock & sing him Better together, He Po Lani Makamae & Goodnight sweetheart

and usually by the time i get to Goodnight Sweetheart he has that sleepy stare on his face

so i put him down and he either falls asleep right away or cries for a bit- but self soothing is getting to be something he’s used to and is ok with.

which is bueno for us

But i think the key ingredient is bath time.

it (usually) helps calm him down and prepares him for bed- because after that he’s usually, totally content and calm- and smells oh soooo good…

& on something totally semi off track, is it weird that i like to smell my baby?


ok- i think any mom can agree, that nothing quiet matches the sweet smell of a clean baby

it’s kind of like puppy breath! it’s an addictive-heart melting-relaxant.

:in case you were wondering- puppy breath smells that of rich buttery coffee. No joke! find a puppy and smell its breath!:


Here are the things we’re loving when it comes to bath time

p.s we are a little obsessed with Mustela baby hygiene product- they have somehow bottled that yummy baby scent that we can’t stop smelling

1. 2. 3. Mustela- no rinse cleaning fluid, multi-sensory bubble bath and lotion

4. hooded towels

5. ikea baby bath– cheap and does the trick

6. Wombie– a swaddle he cant un-swaddle

For the month you cant quiet fit into your regular clothes

For the first month of having a baby i felt blah

filthy-greasy haired-covered in milk and pee-dark under eye circle- blahness

rarely did i get dressed and rarely did i put on make-up or do my hair.

but to be honest, in between the naps and feedings, i really didn’t have time to get prettyed up.

(and the two men in my life love me no matter what i look like! or smell like…)

lets get real here, i need a shirt i can whip a tot out at lightning speed, yoga pants to hold my new completely different squishy body together and dry shampoo for when i havnt taken a shower in 3 days.

baby boy is mighty inpatient when it comes to his feedings- so a loose comfy shirt is a must and dry shampoo & mascara is to insure my husband wont go lookin for another cleaner ‘doesnt smell like sweat and sour milk’ woman

and you can never go wrong with a beautiful gold watch right? someone wanna donate 300 bucks so that i can purchase said beautiful gold watch?


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

one month old

on saturday, our little man turned 1 month

and i may have gotten a little teary eyed when i realized he could no longer fit into his newborn onsies…

this month has been one interesting ride-

never have i been so unorganized, unproductive and so grossly unattractive

but have felt so unbelievably happy and complete!

its insane what having a baby does to you- physically, emotionally and mentally, might i add.

in ways im relieved this first month is past us

the whole baby blues & new to breast feeding thang was pretty tough for me to muster through. but with much prayer and support from the hubs & family, we got through it and we’re starting to get the hang of things.

although, sleep is still pretty much non existent but were working on that too.

but honestly,

the way he loves to be held close, the way he stretches, the way he coos in his sleep and the faces he makes, melt my heart and makes sleep deprivation seem so miniscule in the grad scheme of things.


this week in post, i’ve compiled things that have helped me get through the first month

because, seriously,new moms need all the help they can get!

So hopefully, someone out there finds the things i found to be lifesavers helpful

The tech museum & a poo-snake statue

Two weekends ago, Mi familia came into town for little Gordies baby blessing

We spent a many hours ooing over baby boy’s many cute facial expressions and newborn stretches but believe it or not we did venture out of the house and cultured ourselves on something other than baby.

So! to the San Jose Tech Museum we went!!

the museum is a hands on museum of all things geeky- which, in all honesty, is right up our alley!

And of course we wouldn’t dare leave without a awesome smashed penny souvenir!!

and of course our outing wouldn’t be complete without the mention of poo somewhere in the mix!

While out and about in downtown San Jose we saw a something in the distance.

Could it be?

no! it couldnt be…! ….is it…….?

this statue, from a distant, resembles a ginormous pile of poo.

no joke!

San Jose just made my top 10 favorite cities!

but alas, it was coiled snake … that looks like a giant pile of poo!

eh? eh?

ok im done.

Life according to my fab iphone

1.Going through some of my husbands childhood things 2. My husband is a 10000 talent man. He seriously has done & can do everything & anything {not to feed his already large ego or anything;)} 3. yummy memorial day breakfast- Overnight Bananas Fosters French Toast from skinnytaste.com  4. Making baby boy some crib sheets! 5. Scott has a didgeridoo? and can play it extremely well? be still my heart 6. Our yummy Memorial day lunch

7. My 37 week belly

Memorial day weekend: Saturday

We decided to kick this Memorial day weekend off right-

With sunshine, guns, fishing poles, some good food & awesome company

Even the bump and i got in some shooting- though, i was a little worried that it may be to loud for the little man. But he seemed fine and was sleeping the whole time.

Atrtie is defiantly Scotts ‘crazy-active-all-american-man’s-best-friend’

Any guesses to where Leo was?

Yeah… either frantically trying to get into the truck cab or hiding under the car.

this is his ‘i’m-scared-and-must-get-as-close-to-the-ground-as-possible’ face

He’s more of cuddle, sun bathing type of dog- which is just perfect for me.

Welp folks!

there you have it.

the bump and i, with gun in hand, in all our fantabulous glory!

We greatly enjoyed it if i do say so myself.

and yes- i do refer to the bump and i as a ‘we’

because we are two- a duh!


Have a wonderfully awesome loooong weekend!!!

Old school car show

While visiting my family, my little-cute home town had a vintage car show!

I love old cars.

And there’s nothing like the smell(s) of the inside of an old Volkswagen


you’ve never had the chance to smell/experience the glory of a old VW?

Well. imagine the smell of gas, oil and burning engine. to name a few.

 it sounds gross and unpleasant- But you acquire an undying love for that scent as for the car and it’s endless problems.


Anyway.. my husband is pretty much a stud and i’ve decided that he has a classic vintage-happy-days look to him.

I love this man.

So i know im 36 weeks pregnant and all But sheesh! i didnt know i had a watermelon (or two..) for a belly!.

You know your really really really pregnant when your belly enters the scene/room before you do.

oh and get this.

upon entering the car show, colonel KFC asked me if i was above the age of 18.

i seriously looked down at my belly and then at my wedding rings and said “Yeees.”

then he asked to show proof of id. I was very amused.

and then he asked if i was 21 so that i could get a “alcohol wristband”

Seriously! When was this guy born?

Yes. Colonel KFC. I would like a wristband so my baby and i could become the new town drunks.


They gave me a wristband indicating i was of legal age to drink anyway.

Dumb protocol.

ok ok. SO maybe the last picture isnt a car from the car show.

but it’s my car. My lovely little VW bug.

She’s a stallion.