Le pumpkin patch

While my parents were in town a couple of weeks ago, we took Gordie to get his first pumpkin!!

We were all ecstatic for him to experience his first big holiday

but of course he was probably thinking “why are we out in the cold taking a butt load of photos? and why is the sun so dang bright?”

The pumpkin patch is a beautifully put on production brought to us by the local farmers.

free tractor rides/hay rides, petting zoo (although there was more looking then petting), a hay fort for kids to play on and a giant corn kernel pit! like a sand box but with corn kernels! Probably the best part in Scott and I’s opinions!

I am so (SO!) excited for Gordie to experience the holidays for the first time!

Now with Halloween in t-minus 2 days we are still need to carve our pumpkins

and we need to find makeshift costumes for Scott and I that we can make with little or no money.

perks of being poor college students with a baby. 🙂

So i will have to spend sometime online to come up with something

July fourth two-thousand twelve

The fourth of July is pretty much the hubs & i favorite holiday

what’s not to love?

the red, whites & blues! the hot dogs smothered in relish! the one day of the year it’s acceptable to let your inner pyro come out and of course the fireworks and endless cravings for all things cool and sweet!

but i guess if you hate relish and despise playing with potential fire hazards, then you pretty much hate this holiday.

which means you hate life & like to sit in the dark.

just kidding, but seriously.


This year our fourth was a wee bit different- as in, we had a newborn and mama was still recovering from ze birth of said newborn.

so no fireworks. no overly large crowds. no pyroness. no being out in the heat or no swimming for the two of us.

instead we cuddled and had some tummy time while the fam-bam went to the fireworks show.

 it was still a great way to spend my favorite holiday

{photo by my sis-in-law}