Scott and I are embarking on a new-to-us culinary adventure!!!

One month of eating 95% vegan foods- i say 95% because the hubs and i need meat, eggs & fine cheeses. But we’re only eating meat and eggs twice a week and only for one meal.

it’s astonishing i even got Scott to agree to do this- partially i think it’s because i didn’t give him a choice… and i told him about my plan after we did all our grocery shopping.. and there’s no going back when i have every single meal and snack planned for the week and the food bought.

so he agreed.

I tried to plan out vegan meal for us, but i, of course, got frustrated. Then i remembered a blog post i read a while ago that first sparked my interest in experimenting with vegan food. So i plunged in.

Mama Pea has lovingly written a ‘pealightful plan’ of vegan meals and snacks for a whole month. And what’s nice is she has written out the grocery list for each week! How awesomely easy is that? Now, im not saying were going 100% vegan after this month, but i do love the idea of incorporating variety of food throughout the week. So! we’re giving it a try! and i’ll be letting you know our thoughts, likes, dislikes and loooves 🙂

and in order for us not to look at veggies with sad ‘i-can’t-fathom-the-idea-of-eating-more-veggies’ puppy eyes, lots of variety is a must, and of that variety includes desserts & chocolate- lots of chocolate.


As of lately

Hello friends-

yes, were still alive & i’m sorry for the lack of post

i have lots to share with you but so little time to get it all said and posted

life is busy- busier than i ever imagined it would be. which is weird because some days i feel i’ve done absolutely nothing but still feel there are not enough hours in the day

any-who, i’ll be taking a short leave of absence & will start up again in september

these next few weeks we will be packing & moving back up to school- with a week visit at my hometown in between

So i’ll take lots of photos and share with you our adventures in september

but for now 100% of my time & energy needs to be with my little family

See you in a few weeks!

Gordies first big trip

well my friends, the babe & i are headed to Washington for a little family reunion

unfortunately, Scott couldnt get off work, so i’ll be without my partner in crime for a week

which make this mama a little nervous

but thankfully we’ll be surrounded by family who will be smitten by our little man

We’ll be back next Monday!

have a great week my friends!

Photo credit

the time i peed my pants… as an adult.

Kegel exercises.


well. i now know the importance of this “exercise”


im 6 weeks postpartum- and of course, the workout junkie that i am, felt the need to re-kindle my love/hate relationship for running

monday, i ran 3 miles with my sister in law- it was hard & left me sore all over but felt goooooood

and i was hooked again-so i decided to go running with the hubs tuesday night


now, i didnt push myself too hard because i was feeling sore literally all over due to the previous 3 mile run- so my pace was a light jog- not enough to make me sweat profusely

{not running for nearly a year really takes a toll on your body}


mid run i noticed i was errrrrrr… beginning to feel…… moist down below-

well that moist quickly progressed to soaking wet crotchal region and a very confused me

it was more like “i think i’m peei..OH MY GOSH I’M PEEING MY PANTS!!!!”


the sad part is i didnt even realize i was peeing- i had no sensation to pee/no sensation of the urinating currently happening nor could i control my body to stop said peeing.

and to top it off i peed in my new running spanx and everythang- just throwing that out there

so we (still jogging) laughed and laughed and laughed and then i stopped and said

“well, um, are turning around?”

and the hubs is like “well, if you want to.”

ummmm hello! i just peeded my pants like a 150 year old grandma!! of course i wanna go home!!

so we did.

Now, while being discharged from the hospital they tell you not to exercise untill your 6 week check up with you doctor.

i asked why and they simply said you could pull something like a ligament or a muscle

psssssssssshhhhhhh is that it? i was expecting something on the lines of

oh well if you exercise before 6 weeks you will hemorrhage and you will die

pulled muscle? i could risk it- so i was exercising (bodyrocking) 3 weeks post baby (with my docs okay)

now, if they were to tell me

oooh well your pelvic floor muscle are weak and you will pee your pants if your bladder is the slightest full. happy kegeling! 

then maybe i would have worn a depend or something.

so now, as im sitting here writing this post- you best bet i be kegeling!



6 weeks!

like Sam

 my life basically consist of a few thing

1. feeding Gordie

2. changing Gordies diapers

3. burping Gordie

4. spending as much time with the hubs as i can


5. taking a bazillion pictures of Gordie- my phone is busting out the seams with photos entirely of him

life is good, life is indeed good my amigos

p.s we still havent decided if we are to call him Gordie or Max… i guess his personality will determine it. as of now the poor babe gets both- depending on what he looks like that day.

the leaky b@@b

Breast feeding.

where. to. begin.

well, i love it

but it’s an continuing work in progress.

is it weird that i feared breast feeding more than labor itself?

well i did- because honestly, all i heard and read were horror stories!

-the cracking. the bleeding. painful engorgement. the toe curling pain when baby eats. mastitis. clogged ducts and low milk supply- to name a few, scared the tots numb.

but i went with it and yes it was painful but totally worth it

 baby boy only preferred one tot for the first 2 weeks of his life. Which lead to a very unloved and painfully full boob- which leaked like a broken faucet bee tee dubs.

yes, engorgement hurts and yes feeding your little angle may make you want to scream and throw him across the room and never breast feed again. (say whhhhat?)

but, like most things in life, practice produces somewhat perfect results

you and your baby will find your rhythm and he will learn to latch

Your body will regulate how much milk you make, which will relieve the painful engorgement

most of the time mastitis and clogged ducts can be prevented as well as cracked or bleeding nips. most of the time

nip pain eventually subsides

and before you know it you’ll be breast feeding and going to the bathroom at the same time!!! (say whhhhat again?)

here’s what got me through (and still helping out) the first few weeks of breast feeding

1. Nursing, or even thinking of nursing, makes you insanely thirsty- so keep a water bottle close!

2. Where would i be with out nursing pads? I’ll tell ya where, over a bowl or giant cup catching the milk the ladies leaked. These are great! super absorbent without the bulk! there’s nothing quiet like a two leaky boobs to ruin your day slash ego.

3. THIS LANOLIN STUFF SAVED MY NIPS! GET IT if you plan to breast feed! enough said.

4. nursing bras are weird, but wonderful! Easy accesses without looking unsexy! ok.. bras are bras- boys will love whats in em no matter what kind of bra you sport.

5. So remember how my babe preferred only one tot? Well, this pump save me unloved boob! It was painfully engorged & im pretty sure if i’d left it for much longer i would have developed mastitis. But thankfully this pump helped resolve that issue and bonus! the hubs was able to join in on feeding him!

p.s i found this website very helpful when it came to breast feeding (and they even have a FB group!)

p.p.s you can literally squirt milk across the room- i have yet to measure how far i can go..

one month old

on saturday, our little man turned 1 month

and i may have gotten a little teary eyed when i realized he could no longer fit into his newborn onsies…

this month has been one interesting ride-

never have i been so unorganized, unproductive and so grossly unattractive

but have felt so unbelievably happy and complete!

its insane what having a baby does to you- physically, emotionally and mentally, might i add.

in ways im relieved this first month is past us

the whole baby blues & new to breast feeding thang was pretty tough for me to muster through. but with much prayer and support from the hubs & family, we got through it and we’re starting to get the hang of things.

although, sleep is still pretty much non existent but were working on that too.

but honestly,

the way he loves to be held close, the way he stretches, the way he coos in his sleep and the faces he makes, melt my heart and makes sleep deprivation seem so miniscule in the grad scheme of things.


this week in post, i’ve compiled things that have helped me get through the first month

because, seriously,new moms need all the help they can get!

So hopefully, someone out there finds the things i found to be lifesavers helpful

we aint a normal bunch


have ya heard of it before?


then you understand the beauty of these pictures.


then please purchase and play with a bunch of fun spirited people

i promise you wont regret most of it  😉

all photos lovingly taken by my sister-in-law, Anna!

Thank you!

July fourth two-thousand twelve

The fourth of July is pretty much the hubs & i favorite holiday

what’s not to love?

the red, whites & blues! the hot dogs smothered in relish! the one day of the year it’s acceptable to let your inner pyro come out and of course the fireworks and endless cravings for all things cool and sweet!

but i guess if you hate relish and despise playing with potential fire hazards, then you pretty much hate this holiday.

which means you hate life & like to sit in the dark.

just kidding, but seriously.


This year our fourth was a wee bit different- as in, we had a newborn and mama was still recovering from ze birth of said newborn.

so no fireworks. no overly large crowds. no pyroness. no being out in the heat or no swimming for the two of us.

instead we cuddled and had some tummy time while the fam-bam went to the fireworks show.

 it was still a great way to spend my favorite holiday

{photo by my sis-in-law}

The tech museum & a poo-snake statue

Two weekends ago, Mi familia came into town for little Gordies baby blessing

We spent a many hours ooing over baby boy’s many cute facial expressions and newborn stretches but believe it or not we did venture out of the house and cultured ourselves on something other than baby.

So! to the San Jose Tech Museum we went!!

the museum is a hands on museum of all things geeky- which, in all honesty, is right up our alley!

And of course we wouldn’t dare leave without a awesome smashed penny souvenir!!

and of course our outing wouldn’t be complete without the mention of poo somewhere in the mix!

While out and about in downtown San Jose we saw a something in the distance.

Could it be?

no! it couldnt be…! ….is it…….?

this statue, from a distant, resembles a ginormous pile of poo.

no joke!

San Jose just made my top 10 favorite cities!

but alas, it was coiled snake … that looks like a giant pile of poo!

eh? eh?

ok im done.