to el parque


It was a gorgeous day! I could not not be outside- especially with fall & winter approaching rapidly. So the crew & i packed up and strolled on down to a nearby park Of course the dogs we’re on there best behavior and didnt eat nor roll in anything questionable (right..) and of course Gordie stayed awake for the […]

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reach for the stars my little one


Gordie’s first goal of life. Stick whole fist in mouth.

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2 ingredient protein pancakes!


Ok- so like i’ve mentioned, Scott & I have been trying to eat uber healthy and 80-90% clean with that being said, eating healthy can also get old. real fast. So in order to not get into that typical ‘i’m sick of veggies and oatmeal’ after day 4, i’ve been frantically searching the internet for new […]

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Scott and I are embarking on a new-to-us culinary adventure!!! One month of eating 95% vegan foods- i say 95% because the hubs and i need meat, eggs & fine cheeses. But we’re only eating meat and eggs twice a week and only for one meal. it’s astonishing i even got Scott to agree to […]

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Hello hello!


i’ve been gone so long i *almost* forgot how to navigate my way through wordpress. almost. Yes i’ve neglected my little blog but you know what? it was much needed. Getting the hang of my crazy postpartum roller coaster of emotions has been tough- especially while moving with a newborn. but thankfully Gordie and Scott […]

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As of lately

photo (66)

Hello friends- yes, were still alive & i’m sorry for the lack of post i have lots to share with you but so little time to get it all said and posted life is busy- busier than i ever imagined it would be. which is weird because some days i feel i’ve done absolutely nothing […]

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Gordies first big trip


well my friends, the babe & i are headed to Washington for a little family reunion unfortunately, Scott couldnt get off work, so i’ll be without my partner in crime for a week which make this mama a little nervous but thankfully we’ll be surrounded by family who will be smitten by our little man We’ll […]

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the time i peed my pants… as an adult.


Kegel exercises. yeah. well. i now know the importance of this “exercise” ———pause——- im 6 weeks postpartum- and of course, the workout junkie that i am, felt the need to re-kindle my love/hate relationship for running monday, i ran 3 miles with my sister in law- it was hard & left me sore all over […]

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6 weeks!

photo 4

like Sam  my life basically consist of a few thing 1. feeding Gordie 2. changing Gordies diapers 3. burping Gordie 4. spending as much time with the hubs as i can and 5. taking a bazillion pictures of Gordie- my phone is busting out the seams with photos entirely of him life is good, life is indeed […]

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for when it’s bath time


I’m pretty much loving little G’s nightly routine We usually begin this routine between 8-9pm and he’s usually asleep or in bed by 10 depending on the kind of day he (i) had. but it goes a little like this bath time change & swaddle dim lights in his room and feed him, burp him, […]

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