Meet the newest member of our little family!

37 weeks!

Only 20 more days till baby boys due date!!

20 more days people!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously can’t believe how close were getting to seeing him, cuddling him and holding him!

honestly,knowing that he’ll be here in a few weeks feels so unreal (and a little nerve-wracking) to me

& im really getting anxious in seeing what i’ve been growing inside of me for the past 8.5 months!

if he has my eyes and his daddies lips and red hair…

how he smells & what cute cooing noises he’ll make…

i wish the uterus had some sort of window we could peek into…

then again.. that would ruin the surprise.


Dear baby boy,

I think we’re ready for you.

actually, we’re as ready as one can get.

Do you hear daddy telling you to come on out and cuddle with us?

he ask you to join us pretty much every night.

You quietly respond with little-big movements that sometimes make mama laugh or wince

everyone is excited for your arrival & we can’t wait!

Love mama

8.27943762 months pregnant.

36 weeks pregnant and pretty much ready to have my body back.

You heard me.

Yes, i’ve loved being pregnant & am eternally grateful for this amazing blessing

but there comes a time in pregnancy when you just want your body back. I want me back and all the little simple things i once took for granted.

my balance. my ability to tie my shoes and buckle my heels. my not so puffy face, legs and feet. The exciting sight of seeing my feet while standing. My ability to walk without the waddle. my lung & bladder capacity. the ability to wear my beautiful collection of vintage dresses and shirts. My crazy energy and drive to workout and be in shape. to name a few

oh, and i want sleep- but i’ve pretty much have said adios forever to getting a full nights rest.

& lemme tell you-the whole peeing-a-little-when-sneezing thing, sucks during allergy season

Thankfully, it hasn’t been too bad.

most of all, i just want my baby. I’m tired of wondering what he’ll look like or how he’ll feel in my arms.


ok. im done complaining.


Baby is doing great and still doesnt have a name.

{hmph. Husband, we seriously need to think and pray about what we’re going to name our little one.He will be here in approximately 25 days.}

But aside form that, he’s doing great! Heart is strong, kicks and punches are still precious and i’ve finally got everything semi-organized and ready for him to be here

Oh! and do you wanna see how i walk up-stairs?

go here and fast forward to 47 seconds or so- or enjoy the whole clip! it is a classic after all 🙂

35ish weeks!


this bun is about done??!?

Im at the 35 1/2 week mark

That means only 2ish more weeks till i’m considered full term- meaning, if baby were ready, he could come!

and there’s only 5ish more weeks till this little one tentative due date!!


Baby boy stats:

he’s over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5 1/4 pounds!

His little kicks are becoming a wee-bit more painful & uncomfortable but still cute and fun

He really *really enjoys pushing up on my ribs and loves to relax on my sciatic nerve. {cringe}

He goes crazy during & after i eat

still gets the hiccups at least twice a day!

and still has no name.. Hmph!

Mama stats:

I would be lying if i said i was totally comfortable and pain free at this point.

I have the typical end of term aches & pains

Achey ribs. unable to sit or stand for to long. numb legs, butt, back and sides. Hip pain. Sharp random back/leg pains & lack of sleep due to these fun things.

I’m getting pretty excited & am oh so ready for him to ‘drop’– because out of everything, the rib & hip pain are the worst!

and once he gets locked & loaded he’ll be outta my ribs and preparing for his birth!

This next week we plan on writing out our birth plan and finishing up getting everything we need for our hospital bag!!

There is light at the end of the tunnel people! And we’re getting super excited over here!!

Happy Mothers day!

Happy Mothers day to all the wonderful women that have helped shape the lives of mankind!

I know I wouldn’t be the person i am today without my mama! To be *technically a mom myself, it’s amazing thinking of all the wonderful things i will soon get to do with my little boy! The love i already have for him is something unlike any other type of love i have ever experienced- to love this little growing human being whom i never met but already have a special bond with- it’s so surreal!

And i get super excited just thinking about the little boy i get to meet who will soon call me Mama!

Special thanks to my beautiful mother and mother-in-law! We love you both so dearly and thank you for all that you’ve done for us!

Happy Mothers day Mom!!

The one who can read for hours in the sun and not feel guilty

Sorry for the lack of post.

We are now officially unpacked and settled in!

Laundry? done! Folding? done! organizing? err.. still in progress..but pretty much done!

This of course means i should be getting around to snapping more pictures, posting more post and updating you on the ever growing bebe and our super exciting life {slight hint of sarcasm..}

But unfortunately, the weather is lovely in our Northern California town and the deck, my baby “how-to” books are calling my name- and of course baby boy likes some sunlight too!

Speaking of baby how-to’s- i’ve read about 4 books on how to raise, cuddle, sooth and yadda yadda your crying baby.

Overwhelmed much? Why yes. Yes i am.

*Currently reading The Happiest Baby on the block! Find it in my recommendations on the side of the post!

Ever growing. Ever thriving!

Dear growing baby boy,

Today was our 2nd to last visit with our doctor- we will be getting a new one in a couple of weeks due to moving. He told me you were growing right on schedule and that your heartbeat was strong and healthy.

He also had me feel you little head. I was amazed at how hard and round it was! I must of woken you though, because after a few prods you quickly tucked your head and gave me a punch and then went back to napping.

The doctor also pointed out that currently you were breeched. Personally, i think you just want to be as close as you can to my calming heart beat.

not to worry though, soon you’ll grow tired of my loud pounding heart and twist around and start to nudge your way into the pre-birthing position. Hopefully.. we have total faith in you little one!

Keep thriving!

Love Mama

P.s Please be nice to my aching hips once flipped.

Letter to an inanimate object

Dear Striped shirts,

I have at least 6 of you.

pink and white

brown and white

green and grey

black and grey

black and white


blue and white.

One may say i have a plethora of striped shirts. I’ll admit, i have a problem.

im a striped shirt hoarder/collector. Because honestly im drawn to them and you can never have enough right?

The bump just looks so dang cute and chic in le stripes!

Anyway, thanks for making this 29 week maternal bump and i look so stylish!


the bump and i

the bump in The Stones shirt

Shirt: thirifted, shorts: maternity jeans refashioned

I think this might be the last week i can wear my beloved Rolling Stones shirt.

Good thing the hubs has one!


So my third trimester has commenced. And no joke, the day i hit the last and final trimester mark (tuesday) a whole new set of symptoms began to appear.

Weepiness. Constant hunger and thirst. Bladder only seems to hold a tablespoon amount of the gold stuff. Pregnancy foggy-numbskull brain- i seriously sound like an uneducated baboon when i speak. Losing and forgetting basic things.Aches and pains in the ahem area. Rib pain. Hard almost painful baby kicks and punches. Almost no lung capacity and extreme eagerness for baby to arrive accompanied with ‘oh crap! im actually going to have a baby’ panic attacks.

I would say overall the aches are what gets me. and the weepiness. I hate the weepees and im sure the hubs does too.

I wonder if it would be considered public indecency to hold a ice pack there as i stroll about town…

hmm. must look into that.


You wanna know something cool but crazy weird?

Baby can now taste what i eat! So they say to load up on my veggies because i influence babies future taste preference!

Cool huh?

baby cakes

According to my pregnancy calendar app i’m in the home stretch.

and i guess it didnt quite hit me until i counted only 11 (+/-) weeks until the babes was due to be born.

thats 83 days give or take a few!

its unbelievable!

in 83 days we will have a baby in our arms! our little family of 2 becomes 3!

I honestly cannot explain the emotions that come over me when i think about it!

as of late i have been doing a bit of baby window shopping and a lot of you-tubing labor and delivery stories- basically anything to do with birth i’ve watched it!

little baby things seriously make my heart melt and my eyes get all teary

i just can’t wait to meet our little guy!