tummy time

Gordie typically loathes daily tummy time

were talking, high pitched shrills once he’s place on his stomach

but today something marvelous happened.

actually- nothing was what happened. Just a happy, content baby playing on his tummy!

i shrilled (instead of him) and whipped out my camera to document such a monuments moment!


It’s my duty as a Mom to wipe butts and noses, Kiss boo-boos and give lots of hugs & kisses.

But as i have become a Mama, i have found myself doing things i have never ever thought i would do.

like wearing a shirt with spit-up & pee on it all day.

i don’t mind. most of the time.

but this is a little more gross.

i pick my baby’s nose.

like, everyday.

exhibit A: subject had just woken up from nap with a whopper of of booger creepin out of his nostril.

yes, i may have helped it out a little bit, but you get the idea.

it’s like a pus-filled pimple just wanting to be poped

it’s like a scab just wanting to be picked

his boogers literally scream PICK ME PICK ME!

I swear i pick enormous boogers like this out of his nose daily

half the time he hates me doing it- but afterwards he’s always got this look on his face (shown above) that says “huh. so thats why i couldn’t breath.”

bath time

If Gordie can do one activity all day long it would be bath time! This kid looooves his baths.

he laughs. he coos. he blows spit bubbles. he kicks. he does his infamous stiff body stretch and he pees (sometimes).

fortunately, he hasn’t pooed yet (knock on wood…)

But he just thinks mama and dadda are hilarious during bath time- which of course, makes us feel like a million bucks

bubble toes

Gordie has discovered how to grasp and hold on to his toes

and really thats all he’s doing these days!

it’s quiet impressive how long he can hold them- we’re talkin 30 minutes people!

he’s actually doing a yoga pose called happy baby- the name fits right?

my yoga teacher has us do this pose (on our backs of course)  at the end of our class to release the tension in the spine and to also instill serenity and rejuvenation within our bodies. It feels mighty good- you should give it a try!

How about that lazy beast-dog Leo?

Leo leo leo.

well- Leo is still obsessed with everything that he thinks is food. if it has a wrapper like sound? he’ll run to you. If an object goes anywhere near your mouth? he’ll roll over for you. And lemme tell ya. This dog has perfected his begging skills

those big gushy puppy eyes? I die! his Chewbacca howl? I die again!

If he were to have a resume it would be something like this:

Leonidas dog person Arnett


try to act as human as possible annnnd eat and sleep myself to a coma.

Skills and abilities:

Begging for any form of substance. Sleeping. Being cute. Sitting on human chairs like a human. sprinting towards people i know i’m not supposed to meet. Scaring said people. Waking my persons up by whining, howling and placing my heavy head on there head or feet. Siting and howling in front of my persons so that they know i’m either hungry or i need to poop. Sleeping. Laying in the most inconvenient places like in front of the fridge, sink, doors, halls or in the middle of my persons small rooms (i like to keep them on there toes) . Eating. Having soft fur. Tripping my feeble persons. Not moving from the previously stated positions. Sleeping. Loving my she-person. Rolling in and eating questionable things. Playing with my dog friend Lilly- oh. and we like to share rotten questionable things. And that new hairless baby beast my people have? well, i love to lay on his blankets next to him & i don’t mind if he kicks me.



Basically, he’s amazing. and i love everything about this dog.

reach for the stars my little one

Gordie’s first goal of life.

Stick whole fist in mouth.

6 weeks!

like Sam

 my life basically consist of a few thing

1. feeding Gordie

2. changing Gordies diapers

3. burping Gordie

4. spending as much time with the hubs as i can


5. taking a bazillion pictures of Gordie- my phone is busting out the seams with photos entirely of him

life is good, life is indeed good my amigos

p.s we still havent decided if we are to call him Gordie or Max… i guess his personality will determine it. as of now the poor babe gets both- depending on what he looks like that day.

Baby Max: A birth story part 3

It was about 12:30pm when i really felt the urge to push

and it felt good-in a weird semi-painful way. but i was excited

our baby was coming!

I buzzed in the nurses and let them know that the urge to push was getting almost unbearable

but they assured me i could wait just a few minutes more before i began

waiting just a few minutes more would help prevent any tearing (ouch!!) and prevent baby boy from having a cone shaped head. So waiting i did & it was seriously so hard to fight my body’s urges.

Around 12:45 my doctor came in and asked if i was ready-

to me, i was but i wasnt. I was still in the phase of ‘is this really happening? i’m seriously giving birth right now?’

My nurses, doctor, mom and husband gathered around- we were all ready to meet this little boy

My mom helped hold my left leg and my husband was on the right.

the nurse, who again were absolutely amazing, helped coach me in breathing and in pushing.

The biggest misconception (for me) is that with the epidural, you don’t feel a thing.

Lies. You still feel it- just not to the extent as if you were going with out drugs. but in a way i liked it because i was able to feel what was going on, what my body was doing.

Pushing hurt & was exhausting- It burned and felt like nothing i’ve ever felt before (obviously)

But what i loved is that i could feel him inching his way out! The way i was seated during pushing was at an angle where i could actually see my progress- seeing him come out. Which by all means was encouraging

In 2 pushes baby boys head was crowning! In between pushes i asked if i could touch his head- it was miraculous and empowering! which gave me all the more energy to keep pushing!

20 minutes of pushing and baby boy was out and in my arms.

{tmi but seeing a baby come out of you is pretty wild}

My mom cried, my husband cried & i was in shock. i dont think im a crier when it comes to things like this..

I was literally in shock.

1. i couldn’t believe i had just given birth

& 2. i couldn’t believe he was ours- for eternity!

 They placed him right on my chest- skin to skin- allowing us to bond

He was beautiful and looked just like the baby i’ve been dreaming about for the past 9 months.

He didnt cry, he whimpered and tried so hard to keep his little eyes open.

as soon as i was ready i allowed them to measure and weigh him, which they did right next to me.

Seeing Scott hold our baby boy for the first time is something i’ll never forget. I love my husband so so much- words cannot express the amount of love i have for him. After seeing him hold our baby, seeing him love our son, has deepened that love for him infinitely.

i love my boys!

Meet the newest member of our little family!

37 weeks!

Only 20 more days till baby boys due date!!

20 more days people!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously can’t believe how close were getting to seeing him, cuddling him and holding him!

honestly,knowing that he’ll be here in a few weeks feels so unreal (and a little nerve-wracking) to me

& im really getting anxious in seeing what i’ve been growing inside of me for the past 8.5 months!

if he has my eyes and his daddies lips and red hair…

how he smells & what cute cooing noises he’ll make…

i wish the uterus had some sort of window we could peek into…

then again.. that would ruin the surprise.


Dear baby boy,

I think we’re ready for you.

actually, we’re as ready as one can get.

Do you hear daddy telling you to come on out and cuddle with us?

he ask you to join us pretty much every night.

You quietly respond with little-big movements that sometimes make mama laugh or wince

everyone is excited for your arrival & we can’t wait!

Love mama