bath time

If Gordie can do one activity all day long it would be bath time! This kid looooves his baths.

he laughs. he coos. he blows spit bubbles. he kicks. he does his infamous stiff body stretch and he pees (sometimes).

fortunately, he hasn’t pooed yet (knock on wood…)

But he just thinks mama and dadda are hilarious during bath time- which of course, makes us feel like a million bucks

for when it’s bath time

I’m pretty much loving little G’s nightly routine

We usually begin this routine between 8-9pm and he’s usually asleep or in bed by 10 depending on the kind of day he (i) had.

but it goes a little like this

bath time

change & swaddle

dim lights in his room and feed him, burp him, give him some gripe water to help with gas

rock & sing him Better together, He Po Lani Makamae & Goodnight sweetheart

and usually by the time i get to Goodnight Sweetheart he has that sleepy stare on his face

so i put him down and he either falls asleep right away or cries for a bit- but self soothing is getting to be something he’s used to and is ok with.

which is bueno for us

But i think the key ingredient is bath time.

it (usually) helps calm him down and prepares him for bed- because after that he’s usually, totally content and calm- and smells oh soooo good…

& on something totally semi off track, is it weird that i like to smell my baby?


ok- i think any mom can agree, that nothing quiet matches the sweet smell of a clean baby

it’s kind of like puppy breath! it’s an addictive-heart melting-relaxant.

:in case you were wondering- puppy breath smells that of rich buttery coffee. No joke! find a puppy and smell its breath!:


Here are the things we’re loving when it comes to bath time

p.s we are a little obsessed with Mustela baby hygiene product- they have somehow bottled that yummy baby scent that we can’t stop smelling

1. 2. 3. Mustela- no rinse cleaning fluid, multi-sensory bubble bath and lotion

4. hooded towels

5. ikea baby bath– cheap and does the trick

6. Wombie– a swaddle he cant un-swaddle