It’s my duty as a Mom to wipe butts and noses, Kiss boo-boos and give lots of hugs & kisses.

But as i have become a Mama, i have found myself doing things i have never ever thought i would do.

like wearing a shirt with spit-up & pee on it all day.

i don’t mind. most of the time.

but this is a little more gross.

i pick my baby’s nose.

like, everyday.

exhibit A: subject had just woken up from nap with a whopper of of booger creepin out of his nostril.

yes, i may have helped it out a little bit, but you get the idea.

it’s like a pus-filled pimple just wanting to be poped

it’s like a scab just wanting to be picked

his boogers literally scream PICK ME PICK ME!

I swear i pick enormous boogers like this out of his nose daily

half the time he hates me doing it- but afterwards he’s always got this look on his face (shown above) that says “huh. so thats why i couldn’t breath.”