More than half way.

You know what’s totally crazy?

I have been with child for 23 weeks now!

But what’s even crazier is that i’m more than half way through this pregnancy! Which i didn’t realize until the nurse congratulated me at my appointment yesterday.

These past few weeks have been crazy for my body. All the stretching, leaking and odd pains. It’s all fabulous.

and I finally hit my 10 lb weight gain which the nurse also congratulated me on. Mama and baby had a little growth spurt this month! {Yeah we did! Go us!} 

Here’s my estimated breakdown of the gained poundage:

-Baby weighs 1 pound and is the size of a large mango

-my ladies probs weight around 4 {Which i likey! Can they stay forever?}

-2 pounds to my ever growing derriere {but the hubs noted that the belly is now bigger than my badonkadonk which is just fabulous!}

-1 pound to my newly discovered kankles. ew deff not sexy at all. In fact, repulsing.

-and i’m gonna say i roughly have 2 pounds of water sitting in me. Because honestly i chug water like there’s no tomorrow and i think i should get a gold star for every time i pee clear. No flush required hahahahahahaha!!! Seriously though i would have a least 100 gold stars by the end of today.

=10 lbs give or take.

My belly literally grows a little bigger everyday. How do i know this? well, my Pink Floyd jammers shirt i wear to bed almost every night seems to scream at me every time i stretch it over the bump.

It’s like “really lady? Just retire me already! what did i do to be put through this amount of stretching??”

And then i say “You, my favorite Pink Floyd shirt, are stronger than an mule. And are thee comfiest of jammers shirts i own. Can you last one more week before i retire you to my B.C. {before child} storage bin?”

I guess we shall see. I’m thinking i’ll just stretch it to it’s witts end, but we’ll keep that between us.

Heres to 23 weeks and still rockin’ the overly stretched 1973 Pink Floyd concert tee!!!

Baby kicks and baking.

This morning i woke up refreshed and rejuvenated! hello 8 hours of sleep!

I was happy and baby boy was happy

and by the way, baby boy is deff a morning person.

No need for an alarm clock people! Just get knocked-up!!

you’ll either wake up having to go pee like a race horse around 5:30 every stinkin’ morning or wake up to your insides being lovingly punched and rearranged.

Early mornings seem to be the time when he decides to practice his break-dancing ninja moves. t

This song also gets him kickin’ pretty hard fyi!

I prefere the punches and organ rearrangement over the racing to the bathroom part.

and if baby boy thinks my small intestines need to be else where, well hot dang! then it’s about time they got a little rearranging!


Anyway, i woke up this morning with the urge to bake something, but i wanted to try something new and different and possibly healthy and of course sinfully delicious

So i looked through my plethora of cooking blogs that i seem to ignore and became reacquainted with this one

now honestly i’ve never tried anything on her blog before and i knew today had to be the day to change that.

Recipe and nutritional info found here!

Fudge Daddies

(Makes 8 brownies)

  • 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup ww pastry flour (or white, or you can try spelt or gluten-free)
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup sweetener (see link, below, for lower-sugar version)
  • 1.5 oz  soft tofu or mori-nu firm or lite firm (about 1/8 box)
  • 1/3 cup applesauce (use only 1/4 cup if using 3T oil)
  • 1 to 3 T oil (I use coconut oil. Canola is ok too.)
  • 2 T non-dairy milk
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • optional: you can throw in some chocolate chips

Combine dry ingredients, and mix very well. In a blender, combine wet ingredients and blend until smooth. (I use a Magic Bullet cup.) Pour wet over dry and stir, then pour into a 4×6 oiled pan (or double the recipe and use an 8×8). Cook for 12-18 minutes at 325 F. I’m not sure why this is the case, but these brownies seem to taste ten times sweeter if you don’t eat them for at least an hour after they come out of the oven!

Her fudgey variation: (Highly recommended!) If you want them extremely fudgey– as in “so gooey you need a fork to eat them”—cook the batter for only 8-10 minutes. Then put the pan in the fridge to cool for at least a few hours.


1. ingredients 2. the dry mix 3. i really loved the batter

4. really really loved the batter 5. fresh outta the oven 6. CCK brownie pic, mine weren’t quiet as pretty

Um… seriously guys. If you haven’t heard of her blog you must go take a look

and bake something or everything on there!!! Cause ooooh man…

The brownies were divine and pretty much to good for words except

mmmm…..noooommm…mmmm…ooooh yeaaaah.

Ramblings of a house wife making a baby and such.

I have finally accomplished something i feel i need to share with you.

I have perfected the art of doing absolutely nothing all day.

Impossible! you say?

Nay- for i have done just that. Nothing.




And i enjoyed it more than indulging in my strawberry pregnancy craving.

I happened to photograph pretty much every half hour of this amazing feat but i’ll save you a post of a 1000 pictures for some other amazing spectacle- like possibly the birth of baby boy.

The day started with studying my new Macaroon recipe book- i’m so making some rose water macaroons tomorrow!

Then proceeded to some much needed papi (aka Leo) cuddle time. It didnt last long- it seemed the weight of baby and I pushed the excess amount of toxic gas from the slumbering pup. But! It amazed me that he could support mama and belly with out a complaint! what a champ!

I then finnised off our valentines day chocolate.. which i was completely sad about. If i wernt so dang lazy i would of could of should of bought some more. But i was growing a baby and so i decided i should feed it something healthy.

So then i inhaled about a dozen pears. Which yes is a healthy snack, but im sure it became unhealhty after the third.

After digesting the pears and chocolate baby and i rocked out to some tunes. He especially loves Meatloaf, Jack Johnson and hawaiian. But thats probably because i belt out the lyrics. He probs is trying to find a way to escape my retched “concert” voice.

I porbs spent around 2 hours today scratching the dang bump. They tell you it will begin to itch like crazy but they never tell you it’s an itch that can’t simply be itched to satisfaction.

So yes i’m taking pictures in our kitchen.

Why you ask?

well because this lady needs to buy a tripod annnd the kitchen has the best lighting in the house!

We had music blasting pretty much all day. Artie gets particularly hyper whenever this song comes on.

Maybe its because of the high pitched noises or maybe its because i’ve made up a napoleon dynamite inspired dance to it and he figures he can join in.

Oh yes. its awesome.

Baby is 22 weeks old! Im starting to become more comfortable with the display of the bump. Tight fitting shirts once felt/looked weird to me but now i think im going to embrace the roundness of the bump with arms wide open.

and last but not least i went through the piles of baby clothes drooling and going gaga over the fact that im a mama.

weird right?

oh yeah and…

Little one is a…

and we love him oh so much already and couldn’t be any happier!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad and I are so so so excited to meet you little guy!