A fall walk with a mommas boy

ahhhh fall time- nothing beats those fiery colors and crisp air.

except maybe a beach. In Hawai’i.

nothing beats a beach in Hawai’i

fall errrr… winter inspirations.

Hello everyone!

How was you Halloween??

I hope it was filled with lots of awesome costumes and yummy sweets!

I had a few pieces of candy but baby bean decided it was wanting to be healthy (for once..) and gave me the worst stomach ache ever!

Mama defiantly learned her lesson. Baby must take after his crazy health nut mama.

I woke up this morning to a wet cold wintery day.

Mother nature is in the ‘should it be fall or should it be winter’ phase of her life. because in the 5 minutes i was taking the pups out it snowed then rained then snowed some more and then started pouring!


Heres whats inspiring me today


1. I seriously am in love with fall clothing. The boots. The jackets. The scarfs. Sigh…

2.  Snow! Not gonna lie… im kind of excited for snow. because snow=holiday season!

3. Vintage holidays!

4. Some yummy hot apple cider screams holiday season to me!

Around these parts

Yesterday I took the pups on a nice looong walk around the historic part or our little-big town.

These days walking is the only thing i really have energy for- which is weird for me.

baby bean is defiantly makin’ mama tired and very extremely moody  (sorry Scott!)

The pups love the leaves falling. Mother natures toy for dogs.

Every once in a while, Leo would catch a leaf in the air, lay down and then eat it. Bt this hwole process would take 5-6 minutes. Why he haddd to lay down to eat the small leaf? I dunno. That dogs love for being lazy amazes me.

(notice the leaf in his lip flap)

So yes, as you can imagine there were many unplanned stops.

And trying to get a 110 lb lazy dog up off the ground and moving again is no easy task. Lots of pushing, jabbing and pulling his collar, legs, tail and head.

Leo moves when leo wants to move. So i just walked away with Artie and eventually he caught up. 🙂


Yesterday i was bursting at the seams with excitement of the approaching holidays!

I love this time of year!

And after thinking all our squash and melons died due to a pesky bug infestation Scott discovered the 2 cutest littlest pumpkins hiding in the weeds

They’re perfect for our little apartment.

Speaking of pumpkins, our little-big town had a sudden shortage of canned pumpkin puree!

But after hunting around our grocery store and asking 4 people I found a can hidden behind some apple pie filling.

Crazy people!

And good thing to cause I was craving me some yummy whole wheat banana-pumpkin muffins!

Ok.. so this recipe doesnt specify some things (like what size can of pumpkin puree and S, M or L banana…!)

So i just played around with it a bit till i found it to be the right constancy. (I even through in some min-chocolate chips!)

I feared they would taste ‘whole-wheaty’ but they didnt!

They were divine!