Halloween cards!

Gordie and I made Halloween cards for the Grandparents!

aw man and i thoroughly enjoyed every second of it

I need to do more crafts- i miss doing simple things like this. I thought it wouldnt be impossible to do something fun and creative while having a baby. But i’ve come to learn that it takes effort to do so- even more effort than pre-baby. But seriously, putting forth the effort in creating and getting my mind working again is worth it’s weight in gold.

I’ve missed my creative brain.

It gave me a chance to create a memory, make someone smile and re-kindled my love of calligraphy. Which i totally have forgotten how much i loved and missed!

and i totally got the skeleton idea from here


Yesterday i was bursting at the seams with excitement of the approaching holidays!

I love this time of year!

And after thinking all our squash and melons died due to a pesky bug infestation Scott discovered the 2 cutest littlest pumpkins hiding in the weeds

They’re perfect for our little apartment.

Speaking of pumpkins, our little-big town had a sudden shortage of canned pumpkin puree!

But after hunting around our grocery store and asking 4 people I found a can hidden behind some apple pie filling.

Crazy people!

And good thing to cause I was craving me some yummy whole wheat banana-pumpkin muffins!

Ok.. so this recipe doesnt specify some things (like what size can of pumpkin puree and S, M or L banana…!)

So i just played around with it a bit till i found it to be the right constancy. (I even through in some min-chocolate chips!)

I feared they would taste ‘whole-wheaty’ but they didnt!

They were divine!