How about that lazy beast-dog Leo?

Leo leo leo.

well- Leo is still obsessed with everything that he thinks is food. if it has a wrapper like sound? he’ll run to you. If an object goes anywhere near your mouth? he’ll roll over for you. And lemme tell ya. This dog has perfected his begging skills

those big gushy puppy eyes? I die! his Chewbacca howl? I die again!

If he were to have a resume it would be something like this:

Leonidas dog person Arnett


try to act as human as possible annnnd eat and sleep myself to a coma.

Skills and abilities:

Begging for any form of substance. Sleeping. Being cute. Sitting on human chairs like a human. sprinting towards people i know i’m not supposed to meet. Scaring said people. Waking my persons up by whining, howling and placing my heavy head on there head or feet. Siting and howling in front of my persons so that they know i’m either hungry or i need to poop. Sleeping. Laying in the most inconvenient places like in front of the fridge, sink, doors, halls or in the middle of my persons small rooms (i like to keep them on there toes) . Eating. Having soft fur. Tripping my feeble persons. Not moving from the previously stated positions. Sleeping. Loving my she-person. Rolling in and eating questionable things. Playing with my dog friend Lilly- oh. and we like to share rotten questionable things. And that new hairless baby beast my people have? well, i love to lay on his blankets next to him & i don’t mind if he kicks me.



Basically, he’s amazing. and i love everything about this dog.

to el parque

It was a gorgeous day! I could not not be outside- especially with fall & winter approaching rapidly. So the crew & i packed up and strolled on down to a nearby park

Of course the dogs we’re on there best behavior and didnt eat nor roll in anything questionable (right..)

and of course Gordie stayed awake for the short 15 minute walk (15 minutes in babyland is like 5 hours)

needless to say Gordie got a short little nap in and the pups.. well…. they (meaning Leo) found a new scent that im not to fond of. That dog loves his rotting mulch.

but we had fun!

and it must of been Arties birthday or something because there were seriously flocks of birds flying from tree to tree constantly

which mean endless amounts of bird shadows to chase

which then translates into one tired dog.

However all that dog needs is a 10 minute nap and he’s all wagging his tail recharged and chasing more shadows and reflections. Not cool.

Leo was perfectly content laying next to me and Gordie in the shade while we watched little kids ride by on their bikes whilst Artie ran a couple miles.

Once Gordie decided to wake up he was completely fascinated with the kids on their bikes! He wouldnt break his stare for anything (trust me.. i tried)! He just stared at them, concentrating on their movement. No blinks. Nothin. (i must say- his mama was quiet the stareer in her days)

I love park days- they just make the day seem more… relaxed.

The one who goes on a many waddling’s

Every morning and every evening i try to make it outside for a little walk.

Walking, ahem:waddling, is an excellent way for me and the bump to get our exercise on- so i try to get out often.

The pups, of course, love every second of the little adventure- which usually begins and ends with them bounding in the lake and stream we walk by.

Artie= natural swimmer, hence his calm serene-like swimming

Leo= well, he’s obviously not made for swimming.

Leo is more of a sink than a swim kind of dog.

(i like to think it’s due to how thick and heavy he is, but i’m afraid he’s just uncoordinated & spazy)


Now, I’m a Southern California girl through & through and will never ever not like So. Cal

but lemme tell you something, Northern California has got it going on.

Nature is close to you!

Greenness, wild flowers, rolling green hills, lakes, creeks and beautiful trees are only a few steps away!

I’m seriously falling in love with how pretty it is up here!

oh and yes, there are an over abundance of logs for Artie to lug around.

& theres a sneek peek at my 33 week bumpage.

but i’ll share more on that tomorrow 😉

The one who has a billion pictures of her dogs.

Our trip to So-Cal flew by!

It was nice to visit family, see friends and be care free.

No work, school or stress!

Just sunshine, laughter and yummy fudgesicles.

oh, and the beach of course!

annnd the whole week i was there i only managed to snap 3 pictures… and thats of us at the dog beach.

what is wrong with me?

yoga and little shoes

Most mornings/afternoons i try to get my yoga on.

Yesterday i rolled out my mat and then went to change into my oh-so stretchy pants.

Then i came back to find this.

within a matter of seconds they had migrated from the living room sun spot to my mat

and apparently my yoga mat is 1000x more comfortable than the carpet

oy vey pups.

Also Leo loves to awkwardly stare at me while in tree pose. it’s like i said a magic word like “outside” or “dinner”

Maybe tree pose means something exciting in dog language?

He’s cute, but very distracting, especially when trying to balance on one foot.

balancing+laughing at the faces Leo makes+baby bump= a very unsuccessful tree pose.


Yesterday i was bored and finished exercising sooner than expected. So i decided to go “window shopping”.

Bad idea.

thankfully i was smart and left my wallet in the car

good idea. (gold star for me husband!)

Because seriously, i was on a everything-baby hiatus

me and other moms-to-be were oooing and awwing at every little newborn thing

holding onesies up to our bellies, imagining what our little ones will look like.

it was the best!

seriously?!! i about died when i saw these!

not to mention all the little outfits, hats, bibs and sandals!

Goodness… i don’t think i’ve ever been this excited and anxious to meet this little guy!

June 19th hurry up and get here! Im ready to meet our little one!!

The sun is up, the sky is blue

The pups and i spent most of the day outside enjoying the beautiful spring weather!

63 degrees? Hello!

and you know i was getting my tan on while waddling my bump to-and-fro on the trail!

and I may or may not have been humming ‘i’m sexy and i know it’ while struttin my stuff.

Now, can we please take a second and admire the determination of this dog?

For almost a half mile he lugged his log friend around.

rolling it down hills, dragging it back up said hill and almost taking out two bikers!

Artie, you are the definition of determination.

You make us oh so proud!

Leisurely walks

Sometimes a walk around the block with my loves is all i need to make my day special!

Ramblings of a house wife making a baby and such.

I have finally accomplished something i feel i need to share with you.

I have perfected the art of doing absolutely nothing all day.

Impossible! you say?

Nay- for i have done just that. Nothing.




And i enjoyed it more than indulging in my strawberry pregnancy craving.

I happened to photograph pretty much every half hour of this amazing feat but i’ll save you a post of a 1000 pictures for some other amazing spectacle- like possibly the birth of baby boy.

The day started with studying my new Macaroon recipe book- i’m so making some rose water macaroons tomorrow!

Then proceeded to some much needed papi (aka Leo) cuddle time. It didnt last long- it seemed the weight of baby and I pushed the excess amount of toxic gas from the slumbering pup. But! It amazed me that he could support mama and belly with out a complaint! what a champ!

I then finnised off our valentines day chocolate.. which i was completely sad about. If i wernt so dang lazy i would of could of should of bought some more. But i was growing a baby and so i decided i should feed it something healthy.

So then i inhaled about a dozen pears. Which yes is a healthy snack, but im sure it became unhealhty after the third.

After digesting the pears and chocolate baby and i rocked out to some tunes. He especially loves Meatloaf, Jack Johnson and hawaiian. But thats probably because i belt out the lyrics. He probs is trying to find a way to escape my retched “concert” voice.

I porbs spent around 2 hours today scratching the dang bump. They tell you it will begin to itch like crazy but they never tell you it’s an itch that can’t simply be itched to satisfaction.

So yes i’m taking pictures in our kitchen.

Why you ask?

well because this lady needs to buy a tripod annnd the kitchen has the best lighting in the house!

We had music blasting pretty much all day. Artie gets particularly hyper whenever this song comes on.

Maybe its because of the high pitched noises or maybe its because i’ve made up a napoleon dynamite inspired dance to it and he figures he can join in.

Oh yes. its awesome.

Baby is 22 weeks old! Im starting to become more comfortable with the display of the bump. Tight fitting shirts once felt/looked weird to me but now i think im going to embrace the roundness of the bump with arms wide open.

and last but not least i went through the piles of baby clothes drooling and going gaga over the fact that im a mama.

weird right?

Dog yoga

I try to meditate and do some yoga daily

but having a small apartment and two big dogs can make doing yoga complex.

Once i roll out my mat Leo migrates and plops himself right on it. Why? I dunno- but that dog would rather lay on a sock than the cold hard carpet.

And then there’s Artie. Artie finds pleasure in annoying me in any way shape or form. Whether its breathing on me heavily, walking over and burping in my face or mouthing my hand/feet, he knows how to get under my skin. But during yoga he loves to place a paw, leg, arm, butt or his head on my mat- oh and when his head is on my mat, he’ll lick any piece of me that comes within a reasonable distance from his tongue. And every time i push off that said limb/head he moves another one on there.

If this were Leo i’d be ok with it. because lets face it- a mastiffs arm is a lot better then a mastiffs lower body. But no no. With Artie it’s like he knoooows what would bother me.

anyway it’s a funny/annoying/frustrating battle. Depending on the day.

I do try to lock them up in another room- but Leo will whine and whine and whine. So thats a no.

With Leo i have to act fast- cause once he’s in that settled lazy state of mind theres no moving him. So i usually roll him off besides me. And most of the time im only half succesful and am only able to move the upper half of his body.

So i work with what i got- which makes it all the more exciting.

It’s blurry because Leo was rolling around on me yoga mat…

Now he’s totally asleep and snoring. What the pic doesnt show is that he is half on my mat and when he’s comfy and sleepy there’s no moving him.

and then there are those rare moments where Artie is asleep and dreaming away- usually at the end of yoga when he has given up getting on my mat.

Don’t be alarmed- this is his comfy sleepy face, which in my opinion is hilarious!

A little creepy but very funny!

Thanksgiving week part 1

Hello everyone!!

Have you started playing your Christmas music yet??

Well were officially unpacked from our amazing Thanksgiving break. {sadly}

I didn’t want to leave my sunny California.. I wanted to stay in vacation-land forever, but alas, work and adult responsibilities were tugging on us to come home.

My family’s tradition for Thanksgiving is to go camping at San Clemente state beach- but with most of us kids being located in Utah and/or Idaho we’ve spent the past 3 Thanksgivings in Utah…

But with almost little to no convincing, my parents made it happen. and camping we went!

and it was a blast and well worth the 10 hr drive!

70 degree weather+family+the beach+camping= amazingness

Artie-- having to be the center of attention always.

Up at the lifeguard tower

The pups first time at the beach and little old Dodger trying to keep up them

Artie loved the water (of course) no wave scared him

I don't even know. {Brother Greg, hubby Scott, pup Artie}

Back at the campsite