bubble toes

Gordie has discovered how to grasp and hold on to his toes

and really thats all he’s doing these days!

it’s quiet impressive how long he can hold them- we’re talkin 30 minutes people!

he’s actually doing a yoga pose called happy baby- the name fits right?

my yoga teacher has us do this pose (on our backs of course)  at the end of our class to release the tension in the spine and to also instill serenity and rejuvenation within our bodies. It feels mighty good- you should give it a try!

yoga and little shoes

Most mornings/afternoons i try to get my yoga on.

Yesterday i rolled out my mat and then went to change into my oh-so stretchy pants.

Then i came back to find this.

within a matter of seconds they had migrated from the living room sun spot to my mat

and apparently my yoga mat is 1000x more comfortable than the carpet

oy vey pups.

Also Leo loves to awkwardly stare at me while in tree pose. it’s like i said a magic word like “outside” or “dinner”

Maybe tree pose means something exciting in dog language?

He’s cute, but very distracting, especially when trying to balance on one foot.

balancing+laughing at the faces Leo makes+baby bump= a very unsuccessful tree pose.


Yesterday i was bored and finished exercising sooner than expected. So i decided to go “window shopping”.

Bad idea.

thankfully i was smart and left my wallet in the car

good idea. (gold star for me husband!)

Because seriously, i was on a everything-baby hiatus

me and other moms-to-be were oooing and awwing at every little newborn thing

holding onesies up to our bellies, imagining what our little ones will look like.

it was the best!

seriously?!! i about died when i saw these!

not to mention all the little outfits, hats, bibs and sandals!

Goodness… i don’t think i’ve ever been this excited and anxious to meet this little guy!

June 19th hurry up and get here! Im ready to meet our little one!!

Dog yoga

I try to meditate and do some yoga daily

but having a small apartment and two big dogs can make doing yoga complex.

Once i roll out my mat Leo migrates and plops himself right on it. Why? I dunno- but that dog would rather lay on a sock than the cold hard carpet.

And then there’s Artie. Artie finds pleasure in annoying me in any way shape or form. Whether its breathing on me heavily, walking over and burping in my face or mouthing my hand/feet, he knows how to get under my skin. But during yoga he loves to place a paw, leg, arm, butt or his head on my mat- oh and when his head is on my mat, he’ll lick any piece of me that comes within a reasonable distance from his tongue. And every time i push off that said limb/head he moves another one on there.

If this were Leo i’d be ok with it. because lets face it- a mastiffs arm is a lot better then a mastiffs lower body. But no no. With Artie it’s like he knoooows what would bother me.

anyway it’s a funny/annoying/frustrating battle. Depending on the day.

I do try to lock them up in another room- but Leo will whine and whine and whine. So thats a no.

With Leo i have to act fast- cause once he’s in that settled lazy state of mind theres no moving him. So i usually roll him off besides me. And most of the time im only half succesful and am only able to move the upper half of his body.

So i work with what i got- which makes it all the more exciting.

It’s blurry because Leo was rolling around on me yoga mat…

Now he’s totally asleep and snoring. What the pic doesnt show is that he is half on my mat and when he’s comfy and sleepy there’s no moving him.

and then there are those rare moments where Artie is asleep and dreaming away- usually at the end of yoga when he has given up getting on my mat.

Don’t be alarmed- this is his comfy sleepy face, which in my opinion is hilarious!

A little creepy but very funny!

Dead tree pose

Hello everyone!

Sorry i’ve been hit and miss this week.

I have no extraordinary excuse for you but i am lacking in a good camera to take pictures. Currently ive been using my droid and photo booth which i guess kinda works, but all in all a good camera would be ideal.

When i left for work this morning it was a friged 32 degrees annnnnd there was some snow on the ground!

Say whaaaa?

Yikes! I guess mother nature forgot about fall!

Anywho, since the epic knee injury i’ve had to get creative with my form of movement while teaching pe.

Some things im making progress on- like the lunge and butterfly stretch. But others are suffering tremendously like my jumping jack (more like half flailing jacks..)

I’m able to do so much more with my knee this week which makes me wanna skip for joy (ever so lightly of course)

Today during yoga i had to get super creative with some of the poses.

for example tree pose.

I can hold normal tree pose for about 10 seconds before my knee starts to scream at me.

Which forces me into dead tree pose- which was what my students decided I looked like.

ahhh yess… the classic “keep doing it right- i’ve just gotta re-situate to support my leg” face

Tree pose shmee pose- I can make up my own form of yoga right?


Happy Thursday everyone!

Thursdays are one of my favorite days!

It’s yoga, meditation and Temple day! Yahoo!

This morning in class we did one hour of Yogalaties (Yoga+Pilaties) and 20 minutes of a guided meditation.

Lemee just say all ADD, ADHA, anger, depression and any other illness that my students may or may not have disappeared for that time.

And it was amazing.

Meditation is truly healing and i love how i feel afterward!

Happy almost weekend everyone!!

p.s I get my hair cut today EEEEEeeeeeeee!

i’m excited/nervous!