How about them pups? Artie.

Well, we still have our lunatic dogs, incase anyone was wondering.

And those said lunatic dogs are still our best man-pets

pretty much Scott & I can’t imagine our life without them (which some may find pathetic lol)

But really. How is having 2 gigantic dogs, a small apartment annnnnd a baby?

well, to tell the truth, for the most part, it’s wonderful.

the apartment is small but works for us- and i can totally clean it in like a 1 1/2 (we’re talking vacuuming, dusting and laundry!)

The baby is (a-duh) fabulous and cuter than i ever imagined

and the dogs… are the dogs!


Yes we have our bad days- but the “bad days” usually only last about an hour- make sense? Like when they know the mail man has arrived, which is usually around Gordies nap time, and Artie decides to sound the alarm so to speak. That = a bad hour. because for that next 30-50 minutes Artie shamefully sits by the door (because he knows he’ll get in trouble if he barks) and does his shallow deep woofs. It’s seriously like this.


Me: ARTIE! GO TO JAIL! kick kick

Artie, with his body as close to ground as possible makes his way to the corner

after a few minutes he’ll army crawl to the door and go (in his deep voice) woof.



Me: Arrrrtieee quuuuiet.



and this continues until he gets distracted by something else.


But other than that Artie simply stays out of my way. He follows me around the house, doesnt get tangled in my legs and rushes to Gordies room when he hears him cry or makes noises (which is cute bee-tee-dubs)

But Artie spends about 90% of his day staring at the ground awaiting for a reflection to pounce on and chase.

So seriously, if its been one of those days where i just neeeed Artie to get out of my way, i open all the blinds and put on his collar and Leo’s collar (for extra reflections) and waaalaaaa. Artie is occupied until the sun goes down. literally.

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